Traducción de madam en Español:


señora, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmædəm//ˈmadəm/


  • 1

    (as title)
    señora femenino
    • Madam Secretary, I'll start with you.
    • Geena Davis, who plays President Allen on ‘Commander in Chief,’ says the country is ready for a Madam President.
    • Madam Speaker: Please allow the member to complete his answer in silence.
    • Madam Speaker, we are a city that cares about its future.
    • Madam President, this is a question of logistics.
  • 2

    (as form of address)
    Dear Madam Estimada Señora
    • Madam President/Chairman señora presidenta/directora
  • 3

    (of brothel)
    madam(e) femenino
    madama femenino
    regenta femenino Chile
    • Then there are the traffickers in the destination countries - the madams of the brothels, and the middlemen involved in the provision of labour.
    • Here was 944 Twiggs Street, the former brothel where he lived with his Aunt Honey, the madam - now abandoned and bristling with weeds.
    • The 45-year-old mother of four is a millionaire entrepreneur who made her fortune as a brothel madam on the Kalgoorlie goldfields.
    • Continuing to demand a percentage from madams within the new districts, grafting officials increased the protection fees for brothels operating outside of the district's limits.
    • Forget for a moment the season's immoral spending and hear the tale of the Edinburgh madam whose brothel was a thorn in the side of the residents of upmarket Stockbridge.
    • Yet again, there is little evidence to support this claim and much to suggest that Mitchell actually based the character on a madam from her husband's hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.
    • Ignorant of the law, Mona, Stella, Adelaide, and countless other honorable young women feared prosecution for money owed and futilely sought to repay their madams through prostitution.
    • When I was a Hollywood madam, I had between 20 and 70 girls working for me and once made $97,000 in a single day on commissions.
    • Her researches lead her to a Viennese brothel where the aged madam reveals the secret of the painting.
    • We crept into an antechamber lined with red velvet and faced a woman who appeared the archetypical brothel madam.
    • As long as brothel madams and their prostitutes paid their monthly fines and sought to keep drunkenness, violence, theft and other disorderly behavior to a minimum, the police left them alone.
    • A few years ago I became a madam, running a string of girls of my own.
    • Some forms of disorder became more discreet, as law enforcers concentrated brothels in red-light districts and compelled madams to shield prostitution from public view.
    • She was forced to work as a prostitute for one and a half years, and her madam demanded she hand over all her earnings.
    • If you like I could always send a note to Eileen, the madam of the brothel, getting her to collaborate my story.
    • The world's first publicly listed brothel was launched by former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss at the Melbourne Stock Exchange on Thursday with investors scrambling to buy shares.
    • Her chance came in this 15 th-century tragicomedy by Fernando de Rojas about a madam at a brothel who agrees to help a nobleman seduce a young virgin.
    • His tales of corrupt politicians, red-light madams and greedy businessmen may have offended civic leaders in 1951, but the book became an instant classic and is still in print today.
    • As prostitution frequently involves an economically exploitative relationship with a pimp or a madam, young girls are at even higher risk of abuse and exploitation than their older counterparts.
    • In addition to good managerial skills, a successful madam needed the cooperation of the police and other local authorities.
  • 4Britanico despectivo

    (bossy girl)
    (as form of address) señorita
    she's a proper little madam! mira que aires / importancia se da la mocosa esta coloquial
    • I tried to talk to my mother, she saw it only as my trying to move back to London to live with my grandparents and basically told me I was a snotty little madam.
    • Surprising, then, that Kelly claims she was a little madam as a child.
    • A few well-garlanded madams of the society crowd passed by, gossiping, their rich black minks set for the chill in the Springtime air, their heels clopping gently on the sidewalk.
    • Now, young madam, let me wager a month's salary that you, like so many of our sisters these days, are the proud and confident wearer of the latest hipsters.
    • The little madams ' fancy then turned to donkey rides, which were quickly arranged.
    • ‘I cannot possibly imagine myself wearing those,’ the proper madam muttered with utmost conviction.
    • As she becomes more emotionally involved the little madam becomes mercilessly manipulative and demanding.