Traducción de madcap en Español:


cabeza loca, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmædˌkæp//ˈmadkap/



  • 1

    cabeza loca masculino
    alocado masculino
    alocada femenino
    • Her friends have always known her as a madcap but her latest fund raising exploits have left them astounded.
    • Add some desperately unfunny writing and a guy who doesn't really know how to be madcap and… well, we've all learned a lesson.
    • Having secured two acting legends and a comic madcap, the rest of the casting fell into place.


  • 1

    (plan) descabellado
    (plan) disparatado
    madcap antics barrabasadas femenino
    • Rutland sees an opportunity to clear Christine and play cupid for her and Steve, and embarks on a madcap scheme to bring the two to the altar.
    • Long ago, goes the story, a young Horwich Loco Works apprentice, famed, among other things, for his madcap escapades, rode a bicycle up the steps of Bolton Town Hall and also of the Mechanics' Institute, Horwich.
    • Let all concerned with planning this madcap scheme spend the next six months in a wheelchair!
    • A daredevil charity fundraiser was yesterday recovering from a madcap stunt which left him feeling rather sore.
    • He's as busy as ever with his fingers in other people's pies: producing other artists, writing movie soundtracks, throwing off more or less madcap schemes.
    • When I think of the dangers inherent in such a madcap scheme, my blood runs cold.
    • Thus what initially appears to be a madcap scheme begins to have its merits.
    • So I decided to look to Hollywood, the cradle of crazy madcap money making schemes.
    • He said: ‘On the same night that they voted to close an old people's home, they come up with this madcap scheme.’
    • So is this end of such madcap actions by parents who should know better?
    • Pursuing any technological bet is regarded as a madcap scheme; again, how times change!
    • Was he a highly-charged risk-taker who, away from his family, had chanced all on a madcap, criminal adventure?
    • She didn't pause to think of Bob's age - just to be with him and join in his madcap schemes was sufficient.
    • She said the government seems determined to spend as much money as it can on ‘any madcap scheme ‘at the expense of people in need.’
    • The anarchic Australian troupe opens its latest madcap show in a blaze - a flaming gyroscope wheel and bicycle, burning drums and pillars of fire.
    • This used to be a joint enterprise with her husband Jonathan: a madcap scheme to create cook books in a house with no mains, electricity or freezer.
    • ‘We think this is a madcap scheme that will destroy one of Lancaster's best known and loved beauty spots,’ says Kathryn Fahy, one of the picnic organisers.
    • The locals take to his madcap scheme: they help, they hinder, they call him pilote, meaning flyer.
    • He may not squish the opposition but he has hit upon the (almost literally) madcap scheme of wearing a different hat for every race.
    • Maybe in order to separate myself from his madcap scheme I needed to be cruel to make him cry, to make him angry, to make him see sense and renounce his crazy beliefs, to make him comply with my sense of reality.