Traducción de made-to-measure en Español:


hecho a (la) medida, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmeɪdtəˈmeʒər//ˌmeɪdtəˈmeʒə(r)/


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    (shirt/suit) hecho a (la) medida
    • Wrought iron and upholstered furniture, made-to-measure and ready-made curtains and a wide range of fabrics are all found in the company's new brochure.
    • This measurement information can be electronically compared with garment specifications and other data in order to recommend the size an individual should purchase, or used as a basis for made-to-measure clothing.
    • A made-to-measure, vinyl-finished, American diner-style banquette will cost upwards of £1, 000.
    • With a range of standard or made-to-measure tracks offering flexibility, or fixed aluminium housings, the fitting can either be surface mounted or recessed to suit numerous installations.
    • If you use a large dining table infrequently, at Christmas dinner for instance, then consider a smaller table with the option of a made-to-measure larger top, which can be stored when not in use.
    • And a made-to-measure wig, which takes six to eight weeks to complete, will weigh in at £800 to £1,000.
    • Yet Tommy looked so good in his own generic blue-and-green skirt that we decided to invest in a made-to-measure kilt sewn from his own MacKay clan tartan.
    • Prices start at £250 for a British made-to-measure wool suit, which measures up quite favourably with high street prices when you factor in the individual tailoring and convenience.
    • Some believe the trade will stay steady, as it has found its niche market - be it expatriates who can't shop in local stores, well-to-do people who have a passion for made-to-measure clothes, or tourists looking for a good souvenir.
    • If personnel cannot be kitted from the made-to-fit range, a made-to-measure (tailor-made) uniform will be issued or charged for at the standard made-to-fit price, if repayment is involved.
    • In the twentieth century, although traditional made-to-measure tailoring persisted everywhere at higher social levels, the ready-made suit became the standard public costume of the modern ordinary man.
    • It is so restricted in these two cars that special, sleek, made-to-measure luggage is available.
    • Then, when you're ready to tackle more, try your hand at a made-to-measure hot tub and deck project!
    • The rebel designer has clearly hit on a winning formula with his theatrical catwalk shows, which showcase the skill that goes into haute couture's exclusive made-to-measure creations.
    • Today the company, which has arranged a series of cookery demonstrations for this weekend's Yorkshire Post Homes and Interiors Exhibition, is best known for made-to-measure replacement doors and accessories for kitchens.
    • What we have then is an enormous bench covered with large made-to-measure cushions, thus increasing the comfort of its Ibizan predecessor.
    • For a made-to-measure wooden spiral staircase of about the same height, expect to pay in the region of £10,000 - £15,000 depending on the wood you select.
    • This consisted of a made-to-measure khaki tunic of soft wool, a matching greatcoat with leather buttons and a brown felt hat edged with a short brim turned up at the back.
    • There is nothing inherently wrong with purchasing a made-to-measure suit, but the tailor may not be able to modify the pattern to compensate for all facets of your physique.
    • All Jali made-to-measure radiator covers have drop-down fronts for quick access to your radiator and valves.