Traducción de madwoman en Español:


loca, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmædˌwʊmən//ˈmadwʊmən/

nombrePlural madwomen

  • 1

    loca femenino
    • The magic of his evocation of the feminine apart, his portrayal of the dependent daughter and sister, the rejected lover, and the madwoman, is magnificent.
    • She gave a crazed cry, the cry of a Harpy, the cry of a madwoman who had long lost all sanity, the cries of one who faced death and would never forget.
    • The set-up is horror-film heaven - three Norwegian filmmakers on a road trip through Louisiana stop to take in the local colour and end up being antagonized by a madwoman.
    • Houses like this can either feel like they've never been occupied - full of treasures polished by an invisible army of servants - or appear all too lived in, suggesting a handful of ghosts and a madwoman or two in the attic.
    • This is the story behind the Victorian madwoman in the attic, of all the forgotten women whose rewritten histories replace isolation with hysteria, and non-conformity with insanity.
    • Charlotte Brontë's novel is not very different from typical gothic thrillers - everything from a sadistic schoolmaster to the arsonist madwoman in the attic.
    • Maura, the village madwoman, danced more wildly than all the rest, chanting uncouth rhymes.
    • Who is responsible for the fire at Thornfield - the madwoman, the drunk woman, or the husband who, despite these warnings, did not dismiss the drunk woman and put the madwoman under proper supervision?
    • By now, everyone along the wide corridor was chucking very hurtful comments at me, all laughing like madmen or madwomen.
    • What bird could resist following a madwoman scattering bits of stale Welsh cake?
    • And even more scary, was the eerie phone call by an insane madwoman.
    • And while you might think that you have all the right in the world to lead Orlath, I am not fighting merely to replace a madwoman with a fanatic.
    • ‘She ran towards them like the madwoman that she is,’ answered Ric.
    • One of these gentlemen just happens to be the madwoman's father, a charming chap who seems unfazed by most things in this day and age.
    • In other words, Mala is simply discounted by others as an old madwoman: neither her person nor her stories are considered relevant or important.
    • I wanted the character to be sufficiently normal that no one doubted what she said, that she didn't come across right from the start as a madwoman.
    • Since Gilbert and Gubar's The Madwoman in the Attic, critics have assumed that attics house madwomen.
    • The Madres were in fact called locas (madwomen) by many, who considered that their public grieving was inappropriate.
    • ‘Let me go,’ I shrieked, feeling very much like a madwoman.
    • Because the producers were eager to show how ordinary and non-ideal she really was, the actress who played Mary as an adult looked like a madwoman whose hair resembled the nest of a very large and careless bird.