Traducción de maelstrom en Español:


vorágine, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmeɪlˌstrɑm//ˈmeɪlstrəm//ˈmeɪlˌstrəm/



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    vorágine femenino literario
    • Her announcement early on that she is moving out sets off a maelstrom of change.
    • In late January, he rejoiced amid the maelstrom which surrounds Super Bowl, inactive yet fully involved in the Bucs' charge to the sport's ultimate prize.
    • It's just a maelstrom of shrieking children, crass commercialism, and ratcheting credit card debt.
    • At this point many firms dissolve, sometime in a slow slide to failure, sometimes more dramatically in a maelstrom of big emotions and bad decisions.
    • A maelstrom of questions churned his mind and he had no answers.
    • Pressure for something effective to be done has led to a maelstrom of conflicting reports that has spooked the international markets.
    • To drag an old friend and a new one into a maelstrom of complications was nearly unforgivable.
    • His face was emotionless, but inside was a maelstrom of hurt, sadness, anger, and pain.
    • Several Marines looked around at each other in confusion but no one let down their guard - this silence was even worse than a maelstrom of bullets.
    • Different colors of mana spun and swirled in a maelstrom of colorful fury.
    • Well, it's nice to hear someone in the midst of the maelstrom confirm what we already know, that a cover-up is going on.
    • As an author of children's books, Haddon is particularly adept at writing about Jacob's reaction to the adult maelstrom that surrounds him.
    • Austere and absorbing, Escape is a convincing descent into a maelstrom of anguish and, ultimately, deadly despair.
    • The men are angry and young, caught up in a maelstrom of emotions as they struggle to right a wrong, face down the established order and make their voices heard.
    • The news sent many in the media into a maelstrom of unresolved questions.
    • I would have preferred to remain awake, staring at the ceiling, sweating it out, but no: back into the maelstrom.
    • Harden's Krasner is a maelstrom of emotions, lurching from admiration of her husband to fierce rage at his drunken womanising.
    • A maelstrom of emotions crossed the boy's face: embarrassment, anger, frustration.
    • My home usually seemed more like a maelstrom of chaos and disorder.
    • Now, astronomers have found further evidence that Centaurus A is a maelstrom of violence.