Traducción de mag en Español:


revista, n.

Pronunciación /maɡ//mæɡ/



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    revista femenino
    • Read a few gossip mags and call your astrologer in the morning.
    • Magazines, the new store on Church Street, offers foreign mags and back issues at unbelievable prices
    • The final date for submissions for the special hardback last issue of the mag was Sunday 10 July.
    • The good people at Chart were handing out complimentary copies of the mag and I thought that this was all pretty cool.
    • I read every skate mag, front to back.
    • Most of my life has been documented in one gossip mag or another, Lisa.
    • By day, Prato acts as a café with the requisite papers and mags laid out on the back of a high, leather banquette.
    • Do you remember the days when you would open a glossy mag and fall in love with a to-die-for dress, some sensational shoes and a must-have handbag only to find out they wouldn't be coming to a high street near you?
    • I've been writing this article all week for the glossy mag about inspirational Western Australians.
    • London audiences are notoriously bad at reacting well to anything that hasn't been pre-certified as ‘cool’ by the style mags and weekly newspapers.
    • A print campaign will appear in Sports Illustrated, buff books and trade mags.
    • Today was the deadline for the first news stand issue of the mag.
    • Not only did they give away free copies of their mag, they also gave away three month subscriptions as well.
    • I started my journalistic career on student mags, initially on Imperial College, London's Felix and later on Queen Mary College's Cub after I switched both college and degree.
    • The monthly mag will start its life in electronic form, but who knows what the future may bring?
    • A quick flick through the big monthly computer mags reveals a few ads from dealers still pushing the software.
    • Adults have celebrity mags and glossies, but kids don't care about big names.
    • The glossy mags are bought and paid for - and, in some cases, owned by the media conglomerates who own the record companies of the ‘artists’ they are trying to sell to you.
    • Last month was a great meeting with a dozen enthusiasts, including an ex-Isle of Man bike racer and a lovely old chap from Australia who gave me some 20 year old car mags from Down-under.
    • Today was a long and busy day, but with a great sense of satisfaction at the end as I signed off the last page of the next issue of the mag and it was sent to the printer.