Traducción de magic realism en Español:

magic realism

realismo mágico, n.


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    realismo mágico masculino
    • His principal mode is literary realism, though his second novel invokes the magic realism of a Toni Morrison work in its portrait of Roscoe's father's ghost.
    • In her new collection of short fiction titled Engum Vaanam, she has introduced a number of narrative techniques that range from fantasy to magical realism.
    • The opening sequence borders on magic realism in its surreal progression from the plausible, to the credibility-straining, to over-the-top mayhem.
    • Garcia Marquez's magical realism works by making the connection between the fantastic and the realistic seamless; he narrates utterly implausible and plausible events alike in the style of verisimilitude.
    • I'm really interested to know how you deal with incorporating surrealism or magical realism into your stories.