Traducción de magnificence en Español:


magnificencia, n.

Pronunciación /mæɡˈnɪfəsəns//maɡˈnɪfɪsns/


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    magnificencia femenino
    esplendor masculino
    • Above all, Tchaikovsky's enduring music soars with its timeless magnificence.
    • This version is splendid in its magnificence, and gives the film its proper due.
    • She is overawed by the moody magnificence of Glencoe, and entranced by the beauty of Edinburgh.
    • The city of Old Goa was once said to rival Lisbon in its magnificence.
    • She has been painstakingly restoring the property to its original magnificence during the past three years.
    • Jane could stretch out on a lounger on the balcony, enjoying the dwarfing magnificence of the volcanoes on neighbouring Bali and Lombok.
    • Busoni's hitherto unparalleled magnificence as a pianist was naturally reflected in a substantial amount of music for piano.
    • We might as well have been in Paris or Rome, such was the beauty and magnificence of our trip.
    • In its heyday, the Cathay was renowned for its luxury and magnificence.
    • We must, in other words, transform this tragedy into a triumph, a triumph of man's magnificence to man.
    • I am simply unable to adequately come up with words to convey the beauty and magnificence of this film.
    • This pagoda had four sides and five storeys, and the carvings on the sides were famous for their magnificence.
    • It was a marvelous display of an orderly universe and a never-to-be forgotten experience of eerie beauty and magnificence.
    • It had been an historic send-off in the medieval magnificence of the abbey's Gothic stone vaults.
    • The sheer magnificence and beauty of the pictures will appeal to scientists and artists alike.
    • Historians have stated that its completeness, setting, size and sheer magnificence make it the finest citadel on earth.
    • Moreover their capital was famous as a City of Palaces, able to rival in grandeur and magnificence anything in South Asia.
    • Even through all their fear, the trees still impressed them with their magnificence.
    • The extent and magnificence of the ruins was dazzling to behold.
    • Floral magnificence should not be missed at a flower festival taking place this weekend in a York village church.