Traducción de mail drop en Español:

mail drop

dirección postal, n.



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    dirección postal femenino
    • Addresses are most often PO boxes or mail drops.
    • You could consider a mail drop including some coupons redeemable at the sale.
    • The massive mail drop to more than 10, 500 practices will ensure every practice in the UK has copies of the life-saving leaflet available.
    • We will get two mail drops and maybe one person from each party will knock on our door.
    • Details of the scheme were distributed to all major employers in the city centre and a mail drop also took place.
    • He said the thieves repeatedly robbed the mail drops until they had enough identification to create new identities for themselves.
    • Fair lists its headquarters at an address on Wilshire Boulevard that turns out to be a mail drop.
    • Direct-marketing companies have long hired delivery companies to carry out household mail drops, which generate £25 billion of business each year.
    • The company has engaged in banner advertisements, radio announcements and mail drops as part of its own recruitment drive.
    • Thankfully, the box was sent not to my home or business address, but to a mail drop I maintain.
    • Any time you see something like ‘7th Floor ’, chances are you're dealing with a mail drop, a call center, or a combination of both.
    • As well as being proactive on individual issues, and she has helped me on two separate occasions, her regular mail drops and questionnaires have allowed people a voice in shaping local policies.
    • They will be organising a mail drop to all the local people in the area in the coming weeks.
    • We'll run promotions, do mail drops and provide good personal service.
    • Beware of promoters who are not locally based, provide no telephone number and who use a post office box or mail drop rather than a full street address.
    • They served as the local inn, mail drop, gathering spot, and sometimes store.
    • He carried out a mail drop giving all residents the opportunity to choose one of three plans.
    • A costly and lengthy delay resulted in the mail drop being postponed until mid-November, which greatly affected results.
    • Becoming a Bermuda company is a paper transaction, as easy as securing a mail drop there and paying some fees, while keeping the working headquarters back in the United States.