Traducción de mailbox en Español:


buzón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmeɪlˌbɑks//ˈmeɪlbɒks/


  • 1EEUU

    (for receiving mail)
    buzón masculino
    casillero masculino Venezuela
    • Our neighborhood is one of those old neighborhoods where the mailboxes are not so much mailboxes but slots built into the side of the house, and the mail person has to walk around and approach each house to deliver the post.
    • I got the mail from the shiny brass mailbox at the end of our long front yard.
    • Americans now get so much junk mail that the post office is recommending that we buy bigger mailboxes.
    • There's something really great about getting actual mail in your actual mailbox, or handing a card to someone.
    • The mailbox on its wooden post had been re-decorated numerous times, each time being adorned with a different design.
    • Although Rodia probably received little if any mail and possibly couldn't read, he built the two mailboxes into the front wall next to his front entrance.
    • I've just been to the mailbox to retrieve loads of junk mail and a few more relevant things - a few more dividend statements and a couple of investment statements.
    • As Danni was about to walk into the house she noticed the mailman had been by, she walked to the mailbox and pulled out the pieces of mail.
    • By law, the mailbox that you buy and install on your property belongs to the government.
    • Several mailboxes to serve adjacent properties were placed under a roofed structure on the sidewalk across the road from the house.
    • The most common type of mailbox is a metal mailbox.
    • Leah quickly retrieved her mail from the mailbox by her door and hurried into her house.
    • Though it is a Federal crime to go into someone else's mailbox, even to put something in it, many mailboxes are left unattended for hours a day after the mail arrives.
    • As she fumbled in her purse for her keys, Katherine opened the mailbox and withdrew her mail.
    • Professionals target a hit-piece mail drop to reach the voters' mailboxes two days prior to an election.
    • So she assumed that the bulging envelope in her mailbox was the case file.
    • Yesterday, when I cleared my mailbox, there was nearly three times as much junk mail as there were genuine letters and bills.
    • If you suspect mail theft, get a lockable mailbox or rent a Post Office box.
    • After dropping the delivery in a mailbox, Ward moves on to another house.
  • 2EEUU

    (for sending mail)
    buzón (de correos) masculino
    • This was a standard rural roadside mailbox with a rounded top and a mail pick-up flag indicator.
    • Never leave mail for pickup at home or at the office; take your outgoing correspondence directly to the post office or drop it in a USPS mailbox.
    • Plus, I also have to have a reason to get out of the house so I can drop it off in a public mailbox.
    • Walking across the street he stopped in front of the mailbox, trying to decide whether or not he should deliver the letter by hand or just mail it to his friend.
    • With that, she slapped a stamp onto the envelope and put it under her keys to be mailed at the next mailbox she saw.
    • Or, I can watch the film and then mail it back to Netflix from any U.S. Postal Service mailbox.
    • If you ventured near a mailbox or post office Thursday, did you notice any brass bands playing John Philip Sousa medleys or Irving Berlin's God Bless America?
    • Franklin looked around; making sure the street was empty, then slipped out of his car, scurried across the street and opened up the slot to the mailbox.
    • All these bills were mailed from the same USPS mailbox - located in a local mall.
    • Writing and wrapping completed, we became celestial mail carriers searching out the best mailbox.
    • American postage stamps honouring the occasion mark the envelopes of Christmas cards that I cannot send from La Guardia Airport because the slots on all mailboxes are welded shut in the airport.
    • He sealed, addressed, and stamped it before tucking it under his pocket and going for a brief walk down to the nearest public mailbox.
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    buzón masculino
    • It is important to train end users on how to handle spam when it comes into their mailbox.
    • The programmer opens a mailbox and does his routine programming work.
    • A new development in the daily increasing stream of useless messages in my mailboxes: I get more virus-related email today than spam.
    • Opening the mailbox showed thousands of emails all having been returned as delivery failure.
    • Incoming mail, unless it's personal, is scanned and arrives not in a physical mailbox but on computer, along with e-mail.
    • The finite size of the message store translates into limits on the size of each user mailbox.
    • Every morning I struggle to distinguish between good and junk advertisements or spam mail from normal mail when opening my mailbox.
    • All incoming email is then dumped into a single mailbox where it can be downloaded and read.
    • In most cases, the messages drop into destination mailboxes in chronological order.
    • Whenever I open my Outlook Express to check my e-mails, my mailbox is flooded with advertisements.
    • Email systems store messages in mailboxes with electronic addresses, which receivers check from time to time.
    • Spam clogs our mailboxes daily to the point where it threatens viability of e-mail as a communications tool.
    • How wonderful it would be to rid my Outlook Express mailbox of spam mails forever.
    • The email service was restored today, after a fashion, and, providing no more than 32 messages were in my mailbox, I was able to download mail as normal.
    • For a person with very strong Internet relationships like me, you can imagine how many emails in my mailbox after two or three days of absence.
    • The virus arrives in your mailbox clearly labeled as having been sent by a particular individual with whom you probably have an established relationship.
    • When I make a mistake, my mailbox begins filling with emails from readers within a few short minutes - and I almost always fix up the problem straight away.
    • Most spam to hit U.K. mailboxes originates from outside the country.
    • Grumbling in annoyance, she deleted all the junk mails in her mailbox.
    • Spam is up fivefold over the past 18 months, leaving the electronic mailboxes of Internet users jammed with billions of unwanted commercial e-mails.