Traducción de mailer en Español:


remitente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmeɪlə//ˈmeɪlər/



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    (sender) remitente masculino
    (user of postal services) usuario de correos masculino
    (user of postal services) usuaria de correos femenino
    • Hotmail is ‘testing’ an outside service called Bonded Sender, which a mailer has to pay in order to get certified.
    • A small change in labeling requirements for bulk mailings announced Oct.21 requires bulk mailers to identify themselves on the outside of the envelope with a valid address.
    • Potter would also like more case-by-case freedom, so the post office could compete with private entities by offering discounts to volume mailers, for example.
    • That might cause big mailers to move to alternatives even faster, triggering a spiral of falling revenues, rising debt, and declining service.
    • I will inform Monsieur Dubuque of your conjectures about the letter's mailer in another way.
    • In the catalog industry, mailers want to know who is most likely to buy their merchandise.
    • Next, he began stuffing the mail back into the ‘business reply’ envelope and sending it back so that the mailer would have to pay the postage.
    • We have cited this possibility many times, and many mailers have misread our claim.
    • Only very heavy mailers would end up paying anything.
    • The author and the fisherman were strangers, for the author would not want his identity known if the letter was later opened and read by the fisherman, or if the mailer was eventually found.
    • ‘What risks happening is that the junk mailers will put an address on them and then Canada Post will be obliged to bring it to people's doors,’ he says.
    • Mailing at presort and automation rates continues to be the lowest cost option for bulk mailers on campus.
    • If spammers had to pay money for each message, as paper bulk mailers do, they would spam a lot less.
    • The USPS is currently able to determine such crucial issues as the scope of its own monopoly, the size of its discounts to particular mailers, the amount of information it discloses, and even the quality of service it provides.
    • To combat this, direct mailers will do anything to get you to open their junk, no matter how dishonest.
    • ‘Allowing mailers to personalize stamps would add value to sending materials by mail,’ says Harry Pearce, co-chairman of the Commission.
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    sobre respuesta masculino
    paquete respuesta masculino
    • PSS made equipment that produced one-piece mailers, such as security envelopes.
    • Customers can play a rented game for as long as they like, before returning it in a reply-paid mailer and receiving another game off their wish list.
    • Some laboratories provide specimen containers, mailers and request forms.
    • They send it to you in a prepaid return mailer.
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    máquina franqueadora-etiquetadora femenino
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    (email program)
    programa de correo (electrónico) masculino
    programa de email masculino
    • Mass mailers that chew up processor cycles, bandwidth and users' time do pose a threat.
    • Miller explained this technology was able to differentiate between mass mailers and regular viruses, only sending notifications for the latter.
    • Dissidents can also use anonymous electronic mailers or Internet anonymizers which allow users to send e-mails and browse the Internet anonymously, further limiting the censorship powers of the state.
    • SAProxy adds a proxy layer into the mix: your mailer speaks to the proxy, and the proxy contacts your mail server.
    • Most mass mailers have links posted on each message you can follow to opt-out, and at worst, you could always change your e-mail address.