Traducción de maillot en Español:


mallas, n.

Pronunciación /maɪˈjoʊ//mʌɪˈjəʊ/


  • 1

    (tights) mallas femenino
    (bathing suit) traje de baño masculino
    (bathing suit) bañador masculino
    (bathing suit) malla (de baño) femenino Río de la Plata
    (bathing suit) vestido de baño masculino Colombia
    • Her ‘Jessica’ macramé maillot was absolutely beautiful, with a wide navel plunging centre, and creamy touch.
    • Caitlin was surprised to find that despite being totally immersed in the pool, the white maillot she wore had not become soaking wet.
    • She adjusts the straps of a chocolate maillot and frowns at herself in the mirror.
    • By the end of that century, the ballerina's long tutu and the premier danseur's tights, trunks and maillot became de rigueur and virtually standardized.
    • She exhibits an understanding of the need to balance fashion and function in her sleek black maillot trimmed in white.
    • Sculpted by the raking light, the bathers are russet and gold in the sun, vibrant in blue and red two-piece swimsuits, trunks, a maillot, absorbed in the folding of towels and blankets.
    • One-pieces are sexy without revealing too much: try the lilac maillot with three cut-out circles outlined in dark purple.