Traducción de main line en Español:

main line

línea principal, n.


  • 1

    línea principal femenino
    before noun main-line station estación interurbana femenino
    • Virgin main-line trains made additional stops, too.
    • On the main line railways the failure to take any steps towards renationalisation has left members utterly disillusioned.
    • Kildare town has the best rail commuter service in the county, being served by regular mainline and Arrow services.
    • This settlement also significantly benefits from a main line railway station.
    • Some branch lines do not always branch off from the main line at the transfer station itself.
    • The line is Britain's busiest and most congested main-line, says the strategy.
    • For serious shopping, central London is about half an hour away by Underground or main-line rail service.
    • Notices telling train passengers what to do in an air raid are being put up in all main line railway stations.
    • Despite the massive destruction to the railway system the main lines were cleared two days after the blast.
    • At the same time, 24 major projects were successfully achieved and BR became the only profitable main-line railway in Europe.
    • In addition to using the civil main lines, railways were constructed for purely military purposes, with no commercial value.
    • My first house was a red brick terrace in Folkestone, backing on to the main line railway.
    • The Alcan company shipped its bauxite from Port Esquiville, a short distance from Bodies, utilising the existing main-line railway.
    • The other key culpable person was the lead engineer who brought them out onto the main line.
    • After all, it's only a branch line, not a main line station.
    • The closures would eliminate all but one at-grade crossing in the city along the railway company's main line.
    • Unlike train engineers, who get six months of training for their regular job, remote operators are not qualified for main-line work.
    • He said there is no plan to expand the technology to main-line tracks such as the tracks between two cities.
    • We had the fastest trains, a brand new underground network, the start of main-line electrification and free-flowing buses and trams.
    • One year ago, yesterday, 10 people were killed in the Selby crash when a Land Rover ended up on the East Coast mainline.
  • 2EEUU

    (road, street)
    calle principal femenino
    • It was a modern bus, one of the many vehicles put on to the main line routes and was fitted with CCTV so there will be a recording.
    • At first I was riding the main line through the braking bumps, and the suspension, as always, was still super smooth.
    • This applied particularly to the main lines of turnpike road constructed before 1811.
    • By State Statute, the Mayor of Salt Lake County has to approve all new main lines within Salt Lake County right-of-ways.
    • Each main line busway passenger must pay Rp 2,500 for a one-way trip.