Traducción de majority en Español:


mayoría, n.

Pronunciación /məˈdʒɑrədi//məˈdʒɒrɪti//məˈdʒɔrədi/

nombrePlural majorities

  • 1

    • 1.1(greater number)

      mayoría femenino
      (decision/party) (before noun) mayoritario
      the majority were / was not in favor la mayoría no estaba a favor
      • in the vast majority of cases en la inmensa mayoría de los casos
      • a majority of households now own a TV hoy en día la mayoría de los hogares dispone de un televisor
      • majority holding / interest participación mayoritaria
      • it was approved by a majority vote se aprobó por mayoría (de votos)
      • Still, most human rights lawyers read the majority opinion as a major disappointment.
      • The majority of respondents had received their basic nursing education at the baccalaureate level.
      • Chuck Schumer rose to ask whether the Senate majority leader might yield for a question.
      • Overwhelming majorities of Americans believe the federal government isn't doing enough to protect the environment.
      • They constitute the great majority of the people.
      • The Austrian company wanted a majority stake, while Mobiltel offered a minority stake.
      • McKibbin is right, however, to point out that massive Parliamentary majorities emasculate political parties and their ideologies.
      • The initiative was passed by a majority of voters in San Diego County.
      • How do you respond to this large silent majority of religious people who are being wedged out of the conversation?
      • I totally agree with the thought that he is mistaken in the majority of his decisions, don't you?
      • He recently, for the first time, became the club's majority shareholder.
      • In last June's general elections, the party lost its parliamentary majority.
      • Following a number of defections from other parties, Thai Rak Thai commanded an absolute majority in parliament.
      • Medieval agriculture was undertaken by peasants who of course constituted the overwhelming majority of the total population.
      • But does this have the fact of disqualifying the Labour majority from considering the planning application?
      • Should I really just accept decisions of the majority of the town council, and not speak out if I believe them to be wrong?
      • The monarchy has its roots in the tribal leadership among the country's Pashtun majority in the south.
      • Chen has never commanded a majority in the legislature.
      • "Their proposals are a cynical, deceptive way to recreate some form of unionist majority rule.
      • Christians still comprise the majority of Arab Americans nationally.
      • Ultimately phone masts are here to stay as the majority don't want poor or patchy reception.
      • The draft constitution was voted yesterday by the overall majority of the Iraqi people.
      • But the latter will not be possible if a country's majority does not understand the language of government.
      • The BCC's majority shareholder is the state, through the Ministry of Finance.
      • The new premier must still form a government that commands a majority in the legislature or call new polls.
      • Just before Thanksgiving, Senate majority leader Tom Daschle ducked questions about the military tribunals.
      • A survey of shoppers conducted at the same time showed a clear majority in favour of the development, however.
      • Women are now a majority of students at America's colleges.

    • 1.2(margin)

      mayoría femenino
      margen masculino
      a two-thirds majority una mayoría de dos tercios
      • simple or (British also) relative majority mayoría simple / relativa
      • they voted by a narrow majority to return to work ganó por una estrecha mayoría / por un estrecho margen el voto a favor de volver al trabajo
      • The constituency is currently a Tory seat with a majority of 11, 238 in the last election.
      • In this example, the clear winner is candidate A with a majority over Candidate B of 5,000.
      • He came in third with 3,680 votes, while Mr Pope won the seat with a majority of 8,219.
      • Griffin could do real damage to Ann Cryer's slender Labour majority of just 4,005.
      • He currently has a majority of 4,922 votes - surely enough to defeat the Conservative in second place.
      • Mr Davey held his seat in Kingston and Surbiton with a reduced majority of 8,966 votes.
      • In the end, the most vicious electoral battle of 2005 was won with a majority of 823 votes.
      • At the last general election in 2001 he had a majority of 4,275 votes over the Conservative candidate.

  • 2

    mayoría de edad femenino
    to reach the age of / attain / come into one's majority llegar a / alcanzar la mayoría de edad
    • David was not convicted of a criminal offence after the age of majority.
    • If it is wrong to do it prior to majority, it is wrong to do it immediately after majority.
    • Under Canadian criminal law, tobacco products and accessories require age of majority to be sold.
    • As each beneficiary reaches the age of majority, the rule in Saunders and Vautier may apply.
    • The rights apply to all persons under 18 except in countries where the age of majority is lower.
    • In four of those provinces, cyclists over the age of majority must also wear helmets.
    • But, if he wants to change his name by deed poll, Batigol will have to wait until the age of majority.
    • Parent B agrees to support the Child financially until the age of majority.
    • The maternal subsidy would vary in proportion to the number of their children under the age of majority.
    • It has not been amended even though the age of majority has for many years been reduced to 18.
    • Because she is below the age of majority she is not eligible for welfare.
    • One was blonde, one was brunette, and it was obvious neither of them were very much over the age of majority.
    • Typically, these costs are only compensated until the child reaches the age of majority.
    • That injunction was of unlimited duration, although it would inevitably end when the ward reached the age of majority.