Traducción de majority rule en Español:

majority rule

gobierno de la mayoría, n.


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    gobierno de la mayoría masculino
    • These tactics not only violate democracy and majority rule, but arguably offend the Constitution as well.
    • Still, there is a distinction to be made between majority rule and majoritarianism.
    • The goal of enshrining minority protections before majority rule is a worthy one.
    • In America, there has never been true majority rule.
    • That Union was based on the principle of majority rule, with constitutional rights carefully delineated for the minority.
    • As Novak points out, Jews have flourished in polities that respect majority rule and protect individual rights.
    • Yet in practice, liberal democracy should also allow for checks on government and limits to majority rule.
    • Rousseau laid the basis for modern ideas of democracy and the legitimacy of majority rule.
    • It was Smith who declared that there would ‘never in a thousand years’ be black majority rule in Rhodesia.
    • First, it challenges the traditional narrow equation of democracy with majority rule.
    • Did you know that the constitution nowhere says that Congress has to pass laws by majority rule?
    • This, say nationalists, is majority rule by the back door.
    • The danger in such a course is you have majority rule, and that does not necessarily produce the best law.
    • Their opposition is more elemental: they do not accept the principle of democratic majority rule.
    • After all, if violence can prevent majority rule, it can also be employed to restore such rule.
    • In the homogenizing nation-state, justice and majority rule could for some time be perceived as one and the same.
    • Democracy means majority rule, but it also means minority rights.
    • They were designed to ease the transition to black majority rule, while avoiding the danger of social revolution.
    • Most of us would consider such an exercise in majority rule unacceptable.
    • This was the first instance of black majority rule in South Africa.