Traducción de majuscule en Español:


mayúscula, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmædʒəsˌkjul//ˈmadʒəskjuːl/


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    mayúscula femenino
    • Upper and lower case come from typesetting (the letters were kept in two cases, majuscule letters were kept in the upper case, the others in the lower case.
    • The majuscule letter V symbolizes a daughter of the Mother Goddess or the Mother Goddess as a virgin.
    • A capital ‘I’ as exampled at line-initial position and with obvious intention to produce a majuscule form.
    • It was an angular majuscule script, often written without breaks between words or with words separated by dots.
    • The descriptions of the majuscule transcriptions are identical with those in the majuscule area of the site.