Traducción de maladroit en Español:


torpe, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmaləˈdrɔɪt//ˌmæləˈdrɔɪt/


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    the government's maladroit handling of the situation la torpeza con la que el gobierno manejó la situación
    • Allen, of course, hotly denies this, arguing that his lusty, maladroit, cowardly, witty and nebbish persona is a comic archetype.
    • So, these vines are actually moving these people, explaining their maladroit walking patterns.
    • Who loves quiet conversations about feelings or ideas, and can give a dynamite presentation to a big audience, but seems awkward in groups and maladroit at small talk?
    • But her long harsh sentence is cockeyed, as is Peter Beattie's very disappointing and uncharacteristically maladroit response.
    • Clinton's maladroit staffing decisions contributed to the political turmoil of his initial years in the White House.
    • This has been an extremely clumsy maladroit approach on the part of the US economic team.
    • In the 1930s and in the 1960s, all sorts of maladroit, stodgy unions did quite well.
    • In one measured, maladroit motion - only after he had lined up the shot with the ball resting in his right palm - O'Neal aimed and fired.
    • The Germans also launched a maladroit effort to entice Mexico into the war, exposed by the Zimmermann telegraph affair.
    • A shame, then; in the book reviewed here… a picture gradually emerges of the artist as a cantankerous and socially maladroit buffoon.
    • But what is impressive is the way that their dialogue, often callow and maladroit, is callow and maladroit in precisely the right way.
    • Measured against other degenerate cultures, we are still, in some respects, at the stage of a touchingly maladroit infancy.
    • I will only make one observation - the Chinese government has been extraordinarily maladroit over the past six months.
    • And so much unlike his younger brother, Eric was maladroit at handling simple home economics tasks.
    • Perhaps I'm too cynical, but only commercial reasons spring to my mind when I try to justify this maladroit wraparound device.
    • Padlin stared helplessly at his drawing, at his maladroit strokes.
    • If Lott's original words are not enough to disqualify him as Senate leader, then his maladroit grasp of public relations should be.
    • The results included muddled avant-garde theatrical staging techniques and insensitive and maladroit portraits of African Americans.
    • A single maladroit quip or an unscripted dramatic moment on the campaign trail could spell the difference between victory and defeat.
    • This he contrasts to the maladroit policies pursued by the natives after they acquired independence - which included high tariffs, industrial planning, labor protection, and the like.