Traducción de maltreat en Español:


maltratar, v.

Pronunciación /mælˈtrit//malˈtriːt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    tratar mal
    • He renews his association with Catherine, to the dismay of her effete husband Edgar, but then elopes with Isabella, whom he maltreats.
    • No parents or other adults should exploit, abuse or maltreat children.
    • Parents who maltreat their children are more likely to show such biases.
    • Hence, for example, he is shocked if the police maltreat a criminal in order to secure a conviction.
    • Non-governmental organization workers were also maltreated by the demonstrators.
    • She was maltreated by her husband's family for failing to extract more money from her parents.
    • After being promised the joys of French life, she is kept inside the house, relegated to menial tasks and misunderstood and maltreated by the mother.
    • This particular prototype can be described as an aggressive and sadistic femme fatale who physically maltreats her male subordinates.
    • He maltreated her and constantly ran off with Shug Avery, while married to her.
    • Meanwhile, the fate of the abandoned, aborted, murdered, or maltreated girls is barely seen as a problem
    • In order to carry through deportations and break the resistance of refugees, officers often maltreat people by tying them up and gagging them, or sedating them with drugs against their will.
    • Lower income, the increased stress associated with the sole burden of family responsibilities, and fewer supports are thought to contribute to the risk of single parents maltreating their children.
    • Whoever physically maltreats or harms the health of another person, shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine.
    • As part of his pre-trial agreement, he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to maltreat detainees, two counts of maltreatment of detainees and one count of dereliction of duty.
    • They had a nice four-room flat in Naupada, but soon after my first daughter was born they started maltreating me.
    • According to a 2002 government report, ‘The vast majority of children were maltreated by one parent, usually the mother.’
    • The strike action was in response to workers' claims that the company management had maltreated two workers.
    • The general belief is that parents who maltreat their children are rare, pathological and certainly not like us.
    • He detailed the slow diminishment of his vitality as he is maltreated by people he encounters.
    • There was a link between parents who maltreated their children and those in physically abusive relationships with their partners.