Traducción de mama en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈmɑmə//ˈmamə//məˈmɑː/


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    mamá femenino Britanico anticuado
    (as form of address) mamá
    (as form of address) madre anticuado
    • I fought back the tears to be strong for my mama, but could barely hold it in.
    • I'm sure both Mama and Papa will be very proud of you, Fenius.
    • My mama died when I was born and my papa died a few years ago.
    • I thought it would make their mama happy, laying there beside of them, to watch us play.
    • I took no time to open it and when I did I looked to my mamma, then papa, then Johnnie, Cody and Angel.
    • He does seem to be very, very attracted to tall, long-stemmed blondes, not unlike his pretty mama.
    • My papa was walking to the midwife to get my mama's painkillers, because she was pregnant and was very sore.
    • I couldn't believe that my mama and papa, so brave, were scared of a man I didn't know anything about.
    • Papa and Mama were running around doing and getting things for Lise, and Lise was bandaging Lars' arms.
    • And he meets some other kids, and those kids have two mamas or two papas.
    • The mamas and papas did not have to just watch their children have all the fun.
    • She's not, you know, weaned from her mama yet, and she's not even eating food yet.
    • James Gandolfini plays Tom, the father of the household, and Catherine O'Hara is Christine, the mama to Tom's papa.
    • Ever homebound I dashed; I only wanted to hear the praise of my mama and papa.
    • I live in Chile, South America, with my mama, papa.
    • I decided to fix a big pot of my mama's homemade kitchen sink soup.
    • I found Mama sitting next to Papa's bed and Jeanette listening to the radio.
    • When we reached our cart, Papa and Mama were saying goodbye and trying to get everything loaded in.
    • When my mom died, I got my mama's glasses, and they're very, very precious to me.
    • She would be strong for her mama, and her papa, who stood unmoving now.