Traducción de man-sized en Español:


grande, adj.

(British man-size)

Pronunciación /ˈmænˌsaɪzd///


  • 1

    • Except that the senior citizen's plate is smaller than a normal man-sized plate, and the serving smaller in consequence.
    • She looked up and grinned at the man-sized vent in the ceiling.
    • They're too much for one little girl, but they make a perfect man-sized meal.
    • Just then, his arms gave up and he collapsed, then the six man-sized boulders came crashing down on him.
    • It grew heavier and heavier until it felt like he was shouldering a man-sized slab of stone and had to set the body down.
    • This morning I've struggled back in to work armed with a bottle of linctus and a large box of tissues, man-size for man-flu!
    • The mushroom cloud diminished until it was no bigger than a man-sized saguaro, a desert cactus.
    • So, what is it about a man with a man-sized shaft on his scooter that threatens people?
    • Consider the ceremony of the weighing of the emperor, with all those flamboyantly robed courtiers arranged in strictly hierarchical order around the man-sized scales.
    • The fried potatoes were a little dry and our guest remarked that he would have preferred boiled potatoes with it, but never the less it was an enjoyable and man-sized dish.
    • I finger-tipped the last crumbs of my wafer-thin slice of cake and put the plate down, ruefully, looking with some envy at Graham finishing the last of a huge man-sized chunk.
    • Got a late start, blew off the gym for a man-sized brunch at Annie's, then some quality cell phone time with a bud.
    • Khan's mum and dad Shah and Falak were jumping for joy as their boy completed another man-sized mission against the awkward southpaw.
    • And I've bought myself a new pair of man-size black rubber gloves to withstand the one and aid in the wielding of the other.
    • We clobbered clawed beasts with a man-sized war-hammer and flung them against polished, marble walls.
    • Fast hits on man-sized targets were achieved by focusing just on the outer ring.
    • It was a man-size portion that more than satisfied.
    • Faced with a menu in a restaurant, he would usually order some man-sized dish such as prawns, only to lose interest as soon as it arrived.
    • While not a heaping man-sized portion, it made for a satisfying meal.
    • However, this is annoyingly located in the bottom left-hand corner, which makes the device tricky to grip as the action heats up, and will cause swift thumb-ache for those with man-sized digits.