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management buyout


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    compra de una empresa por sus directivos
    • After a successful management buyout, Mrs Warsi began diversifying into Thai, Malaysian, Chinese and American food.
    • Following a management buyout in 1999, 35 senior managers have stakes in the company.
    • Along with Anthony Martin, he led a management buyout of Doherty Advertising in a deal worth about €6 million.
    • Harmonia is wholly owned by Casey, who said that she secured financial backing from a bank to complete the management buyout.
    • As liberating and potentially lucrative as a management buyout can be, it is also a very risky transaction.
    • If the company is currently undervalued by the stock market, some analysts will not rule out the possibility of a management buyout.
    • Vernon led an attempted management buyout last year because of what he perceived as a lack of interest in property stocks.
    • In recent months, speculation has grown that the firm could be a bid target, amid reports that a management buyout is being considered.
    • The levels of debt at the company may hinder a potential management buyout.
    • The only possibility of a boost for the shares, in the short term, is a management buyout or a takeover.
    • He completed the management buyout of the company 10 days ago.
    • On that basis, the management buyout of Aer Lingus is likely to go ahead.
    • For taxation purposes, the deal has been officially classed as a demerger rather than a management buyout.
    • When the company reported its interim results last November, Moran said that a management buyout was always an option.
    • The poor outlook has now led brokers to suggest that a management buyout may take place.
    • Norah Casey, the chief executive of Smurfit Communications, is considering a management buyout.
    • The proper treatment of investors and third party investors in the case of a management buyout is also important, said Reilly.
    • Green Property announced that certain members of the executive team have decided not to proceed with a management buyout.
    • The low share price triggered speculation that the McCann family, which controls Fyffes, was considering a management buyout.
    • In certain circumstances, it can also be used to facilitate a management buyout or acquisition.