Traducción de managerial en Español:


directivo, adj.

Pronunciación /manəˈdʒiːrɪəl//ˌmænəˈdʒɪriəl/


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    de dirección
    gerencial América Latina
    • This will be the biggest test of the managerial team, but they have stood up to every test so far.
    • Telfer often gives the impression of being a coach first and a managerial strategist second.
    • It should also be remembered that this is only his first managerial job.
    • We require leadership and we require people who understand the service and the managerial issues.
    • The entire, sorry saga of managerial incompetence stems from that single decision.
    • If you major in business and managerial economics, you'll learn how to answer questions like these.
    • It is accepted fact that there are more men in higher managerial and executive positions than women.
    • Years ago there was a managerial revolution in business, much written about.
    • I enjoyed working under him and picked up a great deal that I try to implement in my managerial style.
    • The match was as thorough a managerial triumph as it was possible to imagine.
    • Does that speak volumes about the opposition, or is it a testimony to his own managerial skills?
    • She said her new role would be a more managerial and administrative one.
    • It's understandable that the Government wants to salute their managerial success.
    • We put it to him that he has to deliver strategic executive managerial leadership.
    • They cover some structural issues and some managerial issues and some process issues.
    • Every aspect of Davies's managerial ability will be examined in answering those questions.
    • He has demonstrable managerial skills as Halifax CEO, where he really calls the shots.
    • Unfortunately, you may have to relinquish some managerial control in exchange for their money!
    • Just look at his managerial record and take in how far Sunderland have already come since he took charge.
    • But as he approaches the end of his managerial career, what is there left for him to do?