Traducción de mangetout en Español:


tirabeque, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɒ̃ʒtuː//ˌmɑnʒˈtu//mɒ̃ʒˈtuː/



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    tirabeque masculino
    arveja mollar femenino
    guisante mollar masculino España
    chícharo mollar masculino México
    • Small pods mean they are very young, still crisp and fresh - immature mangetout wilt easily.
    • Reduce the heat and add curry paste, beans and mangetouts, mushrooms, sprouts, stock, sugar and basil.
    • The dishes came with nicely cooked baby potatoes, carrots and mangetout.
    • Along with our meals came a dish of vegetables offering small tastings of cauliflower, broccoli, mangetouts, carrots and a larger helping of new potatoes.
    • ‘Absolutely delicious’ was the verdict as she worked through bean shoots, mushrooms, carrots, mangetout, broccoli, choi and fennel.
    • Try sliced shitake mushrooms, a handful of beansprouts, sliced mangetouts, cooked egg noodles and fresh crab meat.
    • To turn them into a meal, serve with rice and steamed mangetout or broccoli.
    • Place the wok over a high heat and add the carrots, mangetout, red pepper and the noodle cooking liquid.
    • A petit flan of onion formed an island in a lake of light, frothy green-pea potage, topped with fresh broad beans, mangetouts and more peas.
    • Mix the sugar, soy, rice wine, vinegar and sesame oil, and lightly toss the mangetout in the dressing.
    • She was trying not to listen as Mrs Mitchels started on some anecdote - one she told every time - about eating mangetout in November.
    • Throw in a couple of snap peas and mangetouts so that the children discover they can eat the pod as well.
    • I also had a side of mangetout and fresh peas, served with butter and salt and pepper.
    • The mangetout are also cropping faster than we can pick them.
    • The next day, the remaining beef was sliced and marinated in soy, rice wine, garlic, sesame oil and cornflour, then tossed in a hot wok with soaked Chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and mangetout, as in today's recipe.
    • Steam the shredded cabbage and mangetout for only one minute.
    • Side orders included mangetout and asparagus, which was a very welcome change from the norm.
    • Add the garlic and mangetout, and toss over high heat for a minute.
    • Immediately stir in the rice, followed by the onion, spring greens, broccoli and mangetouts.
    • Then throw in the mangetout and red pepper and stir-fry for one minute.