Traducción de mangrove en Español:


mangle, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmaŋɡrəʊv//ˈmæŋɡroʊv/


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    mangle masculino
    before noun mangrove swamp manglar masculino
    • Likewise mangroves grow well despite transient flooding of their root system with sea water.
    • She leads me along a row of bamboo restaurants perched high above the mangroves.
    • This green patch, spread over a few acres, is home to mangroves and huge trees.
    • These data suggest that the mangrove trees in the two studied forests probably do not grow much older than 100 years.
    • Just a wall separates it from Mangalavanam, forested with mangroves and tall trees, home to migratory birds which call at Kochi from afar.
    • The swamps include sago palms, mangroves, and patches of tropical rain forest.
    • It feeds on the seeds of a wide variety of trees, shrubs, grasses, mangroves and in rice plantations.
    • The mangrove is the sacred tree of her husband's clan.
    • Expertise in using mangroves for medicinal purposes has been acquired over a long period of usage.
    • Researchers have long known that fish often mature in the murky saltwater amid the tangled labyrinths of roots created by mangroves.
    • Hidden by trees and mangroves, you would hardly know it existed.
    • In mangroves this is accomplished with seed germination while still attached to the parent tree.
    • If not the mangrove, what other tree species could be used, and in what conditions?
    • Just before sunset, flocks of the red birds gather to roost in the mangrove trees transforming green bush to a glowing red.
    • Unlike mangroves, trees and other vegetation in the scrub sites dropped most of their leaves during the dry season in spring, and standing water was never present on these sites.
    • The mangroves' waterlogged roots decayed into peat, and the peat's acidity and lack of oxygen kept the wood from rotting.
    • ‘It is here that fishes come to lay eggs,’ Appus explained, pointing to the intertwined roots of mangroves.
    • A trimmed mangrove will grow thick and hardy just as other ‘hedges’ will if care is taken.
    • We followed the canal into another wooded area, this one with swamp forest trees instead of mangroves.
    • Hence, they did not care much for mangroves that grew along banks of water bodies and wetlands.