Traducción de manhandle en Español:


mover a pulso, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmanhand(ə)l//ˈmænˌhændl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (move by hand)
    mover a pulso
    the piano had to be manhandled up onto the stage hubo que subir el piano al escenario a pulso
    • Signalmen, more used to manhandling the heavy levers of Victorian signal boxes, have begun controlling one of the area's busiest junctions with the click of a mouse.
    • Its ammunition is heavy and difficult to manhandle.
    • Collected from buckets at street corners, transferred to barrels, then shipped north, often to landing places where there was no harbour or beach, it was manhandled ashore from pitching boats.
    • A bulky roll of red carpet is being manhandled through the narrow kitchen.
    • A couple of months ago, the art was manhandled and censored when it appeared on the streets as part of the Liverpool Biennale.
    • He rambles and manhandles the equipment, testily blaming newfangled technology when he has difficulty with basic tasks such as placing a compact disc in a player.
    • On such occasions his friends and colleagues would come to his rescue, up to six of them manhandling his heavy wheelchair.
    • This year I had no bag, so I just manhandled the thing out the door.
    • The coffin is manhandled back on the truck and heads off through the streets towards the cathedral graveyard, where, three hours later, the crowd has grown dense and patient.
    • Mr Coverdale said his accident happened as he was seen manhandling a metal sheet across the roof.
    • This was no easy task since the heavy howitzers were not ‘fast movers,’ having to be manhandled with great effort every time a displacement was ordered.
    • With form filled in, you then have to manhandle your purchases onto a huge trolley, queue, pay for them, put them in your car, drive them home and assemble them yourself.
    • I recall having to manhandle a heavy garden statue of Hermes, cast in lead, which we had been asked to look after while the owners moved house.
    • Anyway, a rendezvous at Paddington has been arranged for tomorrow morning when the present, having been manhandled on the train, will be exchanged.
    • He and I manhandle his life-size plastic punching doll into the elevator.
    • They insisted the wooden piece was a work of art and should not have been manhandled by the long arm of the law.
  • 2

    (treat roughly)
    • The sight of my mother fighting as she was manhandled into a police car outside our flat is truly something that will never leave me.
    • He regarded me with infuriating calm, grabbed my wrists, and manhandled me into the car.
    • We were roughly manhandled and told to stand facing the wall with our hands behind our heads.
    • They manhandled him into the house and forced him to unlock the safe and give them money.
    • She refused and was manhandled as a consequence.
    • He also denied charges of manhandling the accused and not informing the British High Commission at New Delhi regarding their arrest.
    • And I haven't heard any apology to the younger man who was also manhandled out of the hall simply for defending Mr Wolfgang.
    • For days she did not venture out for fear that she would be manhandled again.
    • These days, she's too big to be manhandled and too canny to be tricked.
    • She said: ‘I saw some officers come out of the station manhandling Gavin and my husband.’
    • The customers suspected of shoplifting were sometimes manhandled in a most indecent way.
    • A burglar who manhandled a terrified 91-year-old woman when she caught him in her neighbour's flat has had his jail term cut by appeal court judges.
    • The family, nonetheless, laid a charge of assault against the security officer, alleging that he grabbed Williamson and manhandled him.
    • She had hardly had a chance to finish her drink when she was manhandled by burly bouncers and unceremoniously dumped outside the door.
    • He walked out and claims he then saw his 26-year-old girlfriend being manhandled.
    • He was manhandling a lady in her early twenties.
    • The rapper then manhandles the fan before throwing him into the audience.
    • She was just going to say she was manhandled by a porter with a penchant for egg sandwiches and, if that didn't work, threaten to have their royal appointment removed.
    • Medics manhandled him back to the beach, to await rescue by sea.
    • The defendant started to protest and had been violently manhandled out of the premises.