Traducción de manhunt en Español:


persecución, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmanhʌnt//ˈmænˌhənt/


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    persecución femenino
    búsqueda femenino
    • Meanwhile the hunt for those responsible intensified with Scotland Yard engaged in one of the force's biggest ever manhunts.
    • December 2, 1993, marked the end of one of the longest, bloodiest and most corrupt manhunts in history.
    • He said the police believe the suspect was working with one or two other people and have launched a manhunt for them.
    • Police in Cheshire and north Wales launched a massive manhunt but failed to locate the car in time.
    • Cheshire Police have now launched a manhunt and stepped up police patrols in the town, with officers warning women to be vigilant.
    • Police continued a manhunt in the area, but by late yesterday the attacker had not been arrested.
    • A nationwide manhunt was then launched to trace her husband, who had not been seen since the previous weekend.
    • Her father reported her flight and a police manhunt was launched.
    • Police have launched a manhunt and believe the crimes may be linked, after witnesses gave similar descriptions for the offender.
    • Detectives have launched a manhunt after two men burst into the home of a young mother and threatened to harm her newborn baby.
    • One of North Yorkshire's biggest police manhunts was launched.
    • The driver of their vehicle escaped from the scene and is now the subject of a police manhunt.
    • She managed to escape and report the attack to police, sparking one of the biggest manhunts in Australian history.
    • The find sparked a manhunt with 15 police officers, dog teams and the force helicopter scouring the area.
    • The murderer was shot dead by police after a four-day manhunt, according to a report in the Southern Weekend.
    • A major manhunt was launched and detectives made numerous appeals in a bid to catch the culprit.
    • Although police launched a huge manhunt and interviewed hundreds of people, his killers were never brought to justice.
    • A police manhunt has been launched, with divers dredging a reservoir in Belfast.
    • So ended one of the biggest and most maddening manhunts in history.
    • Police chiefs heading the manhunt have urged the bank to think seriously about agreeing to such an option.