Traducción de manipulator en Español:


manipulador, n.

Pronunciación /məˈnɪpjʊleɪtə//məˈnɪpjəˌleɪdər/


  • 1

    manipulador masculino
    manipuladora femenino
    • His book is populated with scoundrels, megalomaniacs, psychopaths, manipulators and sadists - people he happens to find interesting.
    • In my view, everyone who turns on their radio or television immediately comes under hidden attack by the manipulator.
    • Gracia's tough yet vulnerable, a manipulator who's also manipulated.
    • Simply put, we have a mix of self-made men and women as well as political connivers and manipulators.
    • That woman and a string of mistresses describe him as a charmer but also a manipulator with a propensity to control weaker-willed people.
    • I had the distinct sensation that I was a puppet of an addictive manipulator, that there was a kind of sinister hand which was forcing me in directions that I didn't like.
    • Three days later she called me and asked me not to interrupt as she read me a speech, five or six sentences, where she called me a manipulator and a liar, and said that she couldn't be with me anymore.
    • They are plotters, dissemblers, manipulators, murderers of children, fanatics.
    • Well, he's possibly a manipulator - but cinema itself is manipulative and the best directors have to become adept at the art.
    • I was a manipulator and scoundrel of the worst kind, who would do anything and everything necessary to satisfy my own insatiable appetite for ‘wine, women, and song’.
    • They are being manipulated by the master manipulators over there.
    • Trial observers see a master manipulator at work.
    • Fortunately the people of New Forest East have now sent a message to the manipulators.
    • To a manipulator, all behaviors are manipulation.
    • But the manipulator realises, too late, that she is being manipulated, despite warnings from her faithful dresser.
    • The in-flight movie was the remake of The Manchurian Candidate, about a politician who receives instructions whispered into his ear by outside manipulators.
    • I entirely agree that a lot of spirits are liars and manipulators.
    • But any implied criticism of players as heartless mercenaries or of club managers and financial backers as self-interested manipulators ignores the commercial realities of rugby in the modern era.
    • He is not malevolent, a manipulator or much of a mastermind.
    • Hackman is comfortably cast as the amoral manipulator.