Traducción de manliness en Español:


masculinidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmænlinəs//ˈmanlɪnəs/


  • 1

    masculinidad femenino
    virilidad femenino
    • As we walked into the restaurant caked in dust, an old fashioned manliness came over me.
    • The spectacle of war became increasingly popular but its tone changed to reflect the manliness of the soldier and his deadly seriousness.
    • In the second place, men had to be brave and prove their bravery or manliness.
    • I am going along so that no one will run away with you," Bob announced with an assumption of manliness.
    • He saw the war as a test of his own manliness.
    • Hunting celebrated the imperial virtues of courage and manliness and confirmed the power of colonial rule.
    • They were killed because some people loved to hate, and others thought that to kill was proof of manliness.
    • Manliness was essential for coping with such dangerous working conditions.
    • On the other hand, maybe we implicitly ask too little manliness of women.
    • And they could show their manliness by not flinching at the small amount of pain felt when opening a bottle this way.
    • In his countenance, I saw kindness, worth, goodness and manliness altogether; he was a first man to affect me so powerfully.
    • I will take my own piece of humble pie but firstly I want to honour the manliness of the town clerk for his actions.