Traducción de mannerism en Español:


peculiaridad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmænəˌrɪzəm//ˈmanərɪz(ə)m/


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    (peculiarity, habit) peculiaridad femenino
    (gesture) gesto masculino
    • This involved studying the mannerisms of the cartoon version of Daphne.
    • Despite their quirks and mannerisms, when the kids arrive at camp, they feel accepted.
    • The actors inherit these mannerisms and make the characters their own in the most delightful of ways.
    • Countless phrases and mannerisms have made their way from the show into my speech.
    • Not Campbell, who employs all the quirks and mannerisms that have made him one of the most beloved cult actors of all time.
    • All individuals have different traits and characteristics and differ from one another in mannerisms and mental abilities.
    • It would be another excuse for Sir Marcus to announce all of his eldest daughter's perfect traits and mannerisms.
    • The guy who does the voice of the French Colombo is a legend in his own right, taking what Peter Falk says and adding his own mannerisms and characteristics.
    • As time went on, they became even more familiar with the mannerisms and habits of one another.
    • The writing has an oratorical eloquence marked in places by mannerisms probably deriving from oral delivery.
    • Manners and mannerisms that had earlier stuck with them now undergo drastic changes.
    • It was eerie how he had the same voice and mannerisms as Leigh.
    • I saw individuals, each with their own characteristics, mannerisms, perspectives.
    • That was because his mannerisms were gentle, not brutal.
    • I don't want their looks, I don't want their dramatic mannerisms or anything like that.
    • There is a realness to their characters; their language is vulgar and their mannerisms are disturbing.
    • While Kaufman only met the real Orlean at the end of the shoot, method actor Cage spent time studying his subject's mannerisms.
    • We looked alike and had the same mannerisms and laugh.
    • My friends and colleagues seem to delight in my Australian mannerisms and question me constantly about customs at home.
    • We adopt their mannerisms, and little quirks, and while doing so, we may lose our own, and lose our sense of identity.
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    Arquitectura Arte
    manierismo masculino