Traducción de manse en Español:


Pronunciación /mæns//mans/


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    casa de un pastor presbiteriano (esp en Escocia)
    • For two years, they lived in the manse and provided regular ministry and leadership of young people's groups before going to Spain.
    • When the service ended the men sat on in the church and I went back to the manse.
    • In a discussion about worship recently in a manse in the Outer Hebrides, all present were asked to say what they wanted.
    • Kirkland house, on the edge of the village of Fala in Midlothian, about 15 miles from Edinburgh, was built in the late 1700s as a manse.
    • I grew up in a manse - a house owned by the church, and when your dad's a minister, and advertised in the phone book as a minister, you're likely to get at least some crank calls.
    • Growing up in a manse, in a ministerial household, provided me with experiences which I could recognise later in my life for their folkloric significance.
    • But the fact is some manses can be a real millstone, because you have got to pay for heating and lighting out of your own stipend.
    • When it came time to add a garage to the tiny manse, Art, who at that time was not a church member, although later he and Nathalie joined, offered to build it and to teach me how - and we did it together.
    • While churches are closing, falling into disrepair, becoming nightclubs or being divided into flats as their original use fades, manses remain largely as they where when the minister lived there.
    • Guthrie received him courteously in the manse, but made it clear that he did not submit to the sentence out of respect to the authority of the bishop who had imposed it.
    • Now a museum, this house was built in 1859 as Presbyterian manse.
    • I was brought up in a manse as a Presbyterian and I find Presbyterianism a comfortable jacket.
    • Over in the old manse in Tulsa, the reverend put on his Prince Albert frock coat and picked up his Bible.
    • For those seeking not only a rural home but one on an island, Assapol House, a former manse near Bunessan on the Isle of Mull, is for sale.
    • In previous years the house has served as a manse for the United Presbyterian Church.
    • LMI properties are used for ministry purposes in a similar way that many churches or ministries would provide a manse for their ministers.
    • At the disruption they were obliged to move from the manse to a derelict cottage, to enable them to stay in the parish.
    • In Upper Rawdon, the United Church manse is being used as a medical centre served by one doctor, and there is hope of getting another on a half-time basis.
    • The case - possibly the ultimate in town versus gown - revolves around a former manse on a quiet street in St Andrews, where students already occupy more than half the town centre accommodation.
    • Now the search is on for a property that will serve both as a meeting place and manse for a future pastor.