Traducción de manservant en Español:


criado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmansəːv(ə)nt//ˈmænˌsərvənt/

nombrePlural menservants

  • 1

    criado masculino
    sirviente masculino
    (valet) valet masculino
    • The Employer muttered darkly about the manservant, cursing him and laying the blame upon him, but it was not entirely his fault.
    • The Spirit descends like tongues of fire upon all people: women and men, old and young, even upon those at the very bottom, maidservants and menservants.
    • Having completely forgotten about the spell sealing it, they ran right into the barrier and were thrown backwards, landing on top of the manservant.
    • The Master's more partial to having menservants around, generally.
    • But on the evidence of the letter that handsome, hard-drinking Scot was much more than a manservant.
    • This is where Byron installed his carriages, his manservant, his mistress, as well as several cats, a mastiff, a pair of cranes, a fox, a wolf, at least two monkeys and a sickly crow.
    • She nearly collided with one of the household's army of servants, but the liveried manservant didn't as much as flinch.
    • Lucius has an amazing charisma, to the point where a previous guard practically became his manservant.
    • The manservant asks me my business, then frowns and bids me wait.
    • I can have two of my menservants assist you, if you so desire, Captain.
    • She had been beautiful, once, for a peasant, though she'd never gotten married, even to one of the menservants.
    • William and his father had been received by Campbell and some other menservants and relieved of their coats.
    • We go onward, my manservant not noticing which direction I've taken.
    • ‘I'll send my manservant to bed early so we will have the whole night to talk,’ Sadie smiled.
    • He will take your menservants and maidservants, and the best of your cattle and your asses, and put them to his work.
    • The menservants all threw themselves repeatedly at the door.
    • Both the manservant and the maid looked at each other each silently communicating they thought this a bad idea.
    • They reached the great doors of the palace and she threw them open before the menservants could even move to do so for her.
    • The woman nodded her approval and made a gesture to the manservant, she felt the dirty baggy shirt being pulled taunt around her front.
    • With an unseen motion of his hand, he summoned his manservant.