Traducción de maraud en Español:


saquear, v.

Pronunciación /məˈrɔd//məˈrɔːd/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (scavengers/pirates) (raid, plunder) saquear
    (wander, prowl) merodear
    they are being terrorized by marauding bands of youths las pandillas de jóvenes maleantes que merodean por el lugar los tienen aterrorizados
    • The river has survived so far the marauding sand miners and the polluters.
    • Like most merchant houses, Yin Yu Tang was built to discourage attacks by marauding bandits and soldiers.
    • A gang of youths who marauded through a railway station robbing schoolchildren, were spared jail so they could ‘preserve their futures.’
    • They went out and joined other soldiers fussing in the streets, marauding the city.
    • In its favour, there is some genuine tension in the car chase sequences, and the marauding gangs of children seem not only authentic but realistically threatening.
    • The attack on a defenceless, disabled man by a marauding youth is yet more proof that the streets of Bolton are becoming an unsafe environment for vulnerable people.
    • Ten years of marauding the high seas had left him with a ruthless look in his gem-green eyes.
    • This marauding gang moved through the streets stabbing people at random.
    • When night falls and security wanes, the janjaweed militias come marauding through the camps and attack the women.
    • Sheep have been attacked by marauding dogs in the Bushfield and Davros area in recent times.
    • Windows at the Bay Horse in Lee Lane, Horwich, were smashed, along with glasses and furniture inside as about 40 youths - believed to be Wigan fans - marauded through the town centre.
    • At least twice the marauding Anglo-Burgundian battalions had attacked Joan's village before her departure.
    • That'll teach those spindly creepsters to come marauding round my neck of the woods.
    • All the royal baggage and crown jewels and ordnance were captured and the Scots marauded the area from Boroughbridge to Beverley, demanding heavy fines or pillage.
    • Gangs of marauding teenagers descend on the town at weekends and often become involved in criminal activity while drunk.
    • A gang of marauding youngsters terrorised parish councillors by flinging a brick at the window of their meeting room and trying to force their way in through a fire door.
    • It also provided protection from marauding northern barbarian tribes.
    • That's the philosophy of the ‘dacoit ‘bandits who maraud across India's impoverished northern plains.
    • For many, it's a no-go area, where the chances are you'll be beaten up or worse by marauding gangs.
    • So if someone decides to violate the Treaty and start marauding around the Moon, who will stop them?
    • Following complaints from villagers that the sheep were marauding through their gardens, metal road grids were installed as a deterrent.
    • Last week, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said that the Sudanese government has not done nearly enough to protect its citizens against armed militias that continue to maraud Darfur, a region of western Sudan the size of France.
    • In it, a Sami village is attacked by a marauding tribe from the east called the Tjudes.
    • The 10-15 year old soldiers maraud the countryside raping, killing, torturing and burning people out of their homes.
    • A shotgun blast from one of the officers put an end to the dog's marauding.