Traducción de marbled en Español:


revestido de mármol, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɑːb(ə)ld//ˈmɑrbəld/


  • 1

    (walls/floor) revestido de mármol
    • Even the hardest blue cheeses have a fairly open-textured curd which allows mould to grow between the granules, giving a marbled appearance to a slice of the cheese.
    • Its leaves are like a lily's but extensively marbled with green and burgundy.
    • Set the sheet of freshly marbled paper on some newspapers to dry.
    • I pounced, grabbed, and came up with three rolls of a really quite pleasant dark rose paper, slightly marbled but with no actual decorative design of the nasty kind.
    • Signs of life are appearing in the borders: pure white hellebores, pots of blue pansies, the tips of blue hyacinths peeping through the earth and tiny white cyclamen among their marbled foliage.
    • From the 16th to the 19th centuries, marbled papers became an indispensable part of almost every book published.
    • The centre already has solar panels to produce electricity to run them, and that's all the equipment needed to turn junk into sheets of plastic marbled with colours or laminated with print and pictures from carrier bags.
    • They range from miniature varieties such as the Puppet series, which has scented flowers, to twelve inch tall standard varieties such as the Decora series whose leaves are marbled in silver.
    • The dessert was marbled cheesecake, however, and was delicious.
    • Some are marbled with silver, others have varying shades of green, while still others sport deep green leaves.
    • Spaces are filled with variegated ivy and the marbled leaves of the cyclamen while the new shoots of Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ add height and a splash of intense red.
    • The sands were a white yellow; the hills were marbled with erosion.
    • H. americana ‘Dale's Strain’ is a variable seed-propagated variety with silver blue marbled foliage.
    • It has a unique single colour, a compact habit and holds its flowers above the marbled foliage.
    • It is beautifully bound in half-leather, with richly gold-tooled spine and sumptuous marbled end-papers.
    • After a quick run by the cheese counter for mozzarella, I ordered a Reuben on marbled rye, checked out, and like a good girl returned my cart to the collection area.
    • The leaves that follow the flowers are equally beautiful - green discs, marbled with silver.
    • The marbled pattern, though derived from the classic tabby gene, should betray as little of that pattern as possible.
    • The green is often variegated with yellow or white - the variegation itself can be flushed with pink and may be marbled, blotched or neatly edge each leaf.
    • Half are Cyclamen hederifolium, which will flower in the autumn, their pots currently filled with heart-shaped, dark green foliage delicately marbled with paler green and grey.
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    (plastic/page) marmolado
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    (beef) con vetas de grasa
    • My côte de boeuf was so marbled with fat, I had to roll it aside after a bite or two.
    • Everyone ate their marbled steak and potatoes and only the preppy kids and parents ate the green beans to be polite or just for taste.
    • Tablehurst's small farm shop regularly sells clean out of biodynamic lamb, sausages and finely marbled steaks.
    • Movement toward grain fattening has been slow, because neither Argentine nor Uruguayan consumers have a taste for marbled beef.
    • Of course, the USDA grading system rewards heavily marbled beef over that which is less fatty.
    • The Matsuzaka beef sirloin is exquisite, although the belly may be a trifle too fatty for some, as it is marbled in fat.
    • The meat was dark and marbled, like properly hung beef.
    • Angus beef is claimed to be more reliably marbled, fattier and juicier than that of competing breeds.
    • The resulting ‘corn-fed’ beef is marbled with fat that carries the flavor we've come to love.
    • Not as heavily marbled as the usual fare served in Japan it is, nonetheless, a delectable meal (served as Wagyu beef of the day for two people at £39).
    • This Japanese breed is associated with the highly marbled luxury known as Kobe beef, which contains up to 45 percent fat.
    • The Japanese love their beef marbled with fat, so they lot-feed their cattle with grain - and beer.
    • Beef should be marbled, I hate anorexic pieces of beef.
    • Feedlot operators feed grain to ruminants because it makes the animals grow faster and fatter, resulting in highly marbled meat.
    • She lifts up another carcass, this one with beautifully marbled, ruby-colored meat.
    • Big, red, marbled cuts of rib-eye, T-bone and filet mignon are neatly lined in the case.
    • Let's face it, fat - be it the visible white lines of marbled steak or globules of fat hidden in ground beef - adds flavour and moisture.
    • The fat should be slightly yellow and, as a general rule, evenly marbled through the flesh.
    • Here, as in the Kobe region of Japan, they come from the ancient Wagyu breed, which yields meat finely marbled with fat and therefore both tender and flavorful.
    • Most can meet the company's quality requirements by feeding hogs to put on enough back fat to produce marbled meat.