Traducción de marinade en Español:


adobo, n.

Pronunciación /ˌmɛrəˈneɪd//ˈmarɪneɪd//ˌmarɪˈneɪd/


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    adobo masculino
    • Turn the fish over in the marinade to get it well coated.
    • Seal and press the marinade into the meat and then refrigerate for four hours or overnight.
    • If some of the marinade is to be used as a sauce on the cooked food, reserve a portion of the marinade before putting raw meat and poultry in it.
    • The marinade for the grilled meat and seafood is delectable and ingredients are a well-kept secret, as we were unable to get it from the staff.
    • When you're ready to start cooking, strain the beef, reserving the marinade and the other ingredients.
    • From Cumberland sausage, meat and fish marinades, home baking, beer and much more, there will be something to make every mouth water from 9am - 3pm.
    • Flavor houses are, not surprisingly, working overtime to produce ingredients for marinades, dry seasonings, and rubs.
    • Wine marinades are a cook's flexible friend: they flavour meat or fish, can tenderise it and stop it drying out.
    • Frozen foods resist freezer burn better, and marinades penetrate meats more effectively.
    • Mix the skin and the seeds with some orange juice for a tenderizing marinade for seafood or meats.
    • Tuna is a bland fish and benefits from a marinade to infuse flavour.
    • Don't reuse the marinade from raw meat or poultry on cooked food unless it's boiled first to destroy any harmful bacteria.
    • But do use a teaspoon or two in marinades or salad dressings or instead of sugar in tea.
    • Use them to dress salads, to replace lemon in zippy desserts and beverages, and to complement meat, poultry, and fish; just splash them on the meat or in marinades and sauces.
    • Wine marinades help meat, fish, and game keep a short time in hot weather.
    • With all those powerfully pungent aromas of smoke and strongly flavoured marinades, don't waste your money offering expensive fine wines with all their delicate secrets to unfold.
    • It can be used as a base ingredient for glazes and marinades, as well.
    • Spices and marinades of every description are at work here, drenching the Persian chicken kebabs or injecting an extra kick into the house special, lentil soup.
    • A tenderizing marinade must contain an acidic ingredient such as lemon juice, vinegar, wine or yogurt.
    • Use herbs, spices, fresh vegetables, and fat-free marinades to season meat.

verbo transitivo

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    dejar en adobo
    • After being marinaded in cumin and oregano, they are dipped in crushed tortilla chips so that, even though they are grilled, they taste like they've been fried.
    • Nothing was marinaded but the box included chutney, lettuce, organic rolls and sustainable Welsh coal.
    • Add the pork fillets to the marinade and allow to marinade for 12 to 24 hours.
    • We also learn why vacuum packing gives meat a nasty metallic tang - it cannot breathe but ends up marinading in oxidised blood.
    • The meat had been marinaded in herbs and cheese overnight, so that it not only tasted tender but also sent off a lasting aroma on your tongue.
    • The Scottish sirloin is marinaded in orange, lime, oregano and chillies and then pan-fried.
    • Of course, you could take a portable barbecue with you and prepare some delicious and colourful meat, fish or vegetable kebabs which you have marinaded in your fridge overnight.
    • Lunch in tapas bars is a Spanish treat, serving tasty portions of tortilla, fresh prawns, marinaded red peppers and other morsels of local food.
    • Preferring chicken breast to legs, I used meat alone, cut into generous pieces and marinaded in the sauce overnight.
    • Such thin slices can better absorb sweet and fragrant juices in which they are marinaded.
    • Yassa, found throughout W. and C. Africa, is chicken or fish marinaded in lemon or lime juice, grilled on a barbecue, and then fried with onions and simmered with the marinade.
    • This is absolutely perfect, of course, old barrels are made of oak, and marinaded in sherry and whisky, so all the flavour imparted have much to recommend them.
    • If you ask some cooks today why they marinade, they will tell you that it's to add flavor.
    • The mix of fruit having been marinaded in brandy, each mouthful, like each piece of music, is packed with ingredients which leave a very pleasant taste in one's mouth.
    • The meat is cut into long thin strips and marinaded with natural flavourings and preservatives before being dried at their new company, called Bare Earth, at Melmerby, near Ripon.
    • I didn't marinade them, I didn't baste them, I didn't check the temperature of the barbecue, and I didn't get to taste them.
    • I once barbecued a whole fillet of beef marinaded in a bottle of Jack Daniel's and enclosed in tinfoil.
    • It has, in effect, been marinaded in blood and tastes unspeakable.
    • We speculated that it could have been marinaded in soy sauce, because there was a lovely, salty tang to the skin.
    • I had marinaded it in orange juice, marjoram and chives.

verbo intransitivo

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    estar en adobo