Traducción de marine en Español:


infante de marina, n.

Pronunciación /məˈrin//məˈriːn/


  • 1also Marine

    infante de marina masculino
    the Marines (in US) los marines
    • Men who are recently out of the army or marines are favored to play hostile gunmen.
    • At certain junctures, you're given marines under your command to carry out your mission.
    • Seven other marines from 3 Commando Brigade and four American soldiers also died.
    • Members of the marines have not always been appreciated by the sailors who served alongside them.
    • Iraqi forces ambushed marines when they crossed the Euphrates river near Nassiriya.
    • The marines ' assault echelon had three hours to offload before tidefall threatened to beach their ships.
    • It was one of the first objectives of American and British marines when they moved into Southern Iraq.
    • American marines landed in Beirut to ensure the survival of the Lebanon.
    • American marines defeated Iraqi forces in a battle on the outskirts of Basra.
    • The army and the marines have witnessed a similar rise in the number of applicants.
    • Yet protesters at Shannon witnessed hundreds of marines in Desert camouflage gear.
    • The marines had been hastily deployed to evacuate British nationals from the anarchy.
    • The army could see this coming with what the marines have been doing for the last few decades.
    • The marines were the first combat troops ashore in Vietnam, the first to die in that confusing war.
    • I went to live with my aunt's dad, who was a drill sergeant in the marines, and he tried to turn me into a soldier.
    • With a range of five kilometres, marines can set them up behind advancing troops, clearing the way ahead.
    • By contrast, the marines spent three months patrolling Afghanistan without locating the enemy.
    • He was alone but managed to look more dangerous than a troop of marines ready to kill.
    • Within a week, the marines will have arrived at the bustling military hub.
    • Could they have been reacting like that to news of a strategic redeployment of US marines?
  • 2

    the merchant / mercantile marine la marina mercante


  • 1

    (organisms/life/biology) marino
    (engineering) naval
    (science) marino
    (science) del mar
    • Fortunately, the vast majority of marine assistance cases involve towing, not salvage.
    • She plays Silly, a Nova Scotian seasprite of girl who is the subject of a marine tragedy of, er, Titanic proportions.
    • In fact, haddock look positively ferocious compared to these innocuous marine travelers.
    • The data should prove to be a gold mine to boating groups, government agencies and the marine industry.
    • Sea turtles are marine reptile living in salt water but have lungs and they come to the surface to breathe air.
    • In the case of a marine engineer, the highest post is that of a Chief Engineer.
    • This is a centre of marine science excellence in the world, here in Townsville.
    • Marina Hemingway was established there but the campaign to promote marine tourism had just begun.
    • Sirenians are vegetarians, feeding on a variety of marine algae and higher plants.
    • After a period of teaching, he arrived in Wales in 1959 to study marine biology and bio-chemistry.
    • That included studying marine biology at university and even becoming an actor for a few years, which established his love of the theatre.
    • His painting of sea and marine organisms had distinct colour patterns and perfect symmetry.
    • He determined the way oil blocks out light has a more harmful effect on marine plants than ingestion of the oil itself.
    • The same procedure is used when placing calls via the marine operator to shoreside telephones.
    • Every year, roughly eight hundred Americans lose their lives in marine accidents.
    • He was proud of his service as a marine engineer who became a farmer, then a businessman and above all, a great servant of the people of this area.
    • Marine biologists have reported a growing number of exotic fish and marine creatures in British waters.
    • Rock lobster, crab and oysters add to the spread of commercial marine species.
    • They have an important role in maintaining a balance of marine life on the reef but they do not build structures.
    • Thirty years ago, the marine industry said boat recall laws would break its back.
    • No one was injured and there just happened to be a qualified marine repairman on the dock when we put the boat into its slip.
    • Whale Study Week includes boat trips as well as classes in whale biology and general marine ecology.
    • As almost everyone knows, Trinidad is the place to have marine parts shipped in.
    • Forests are still being cut down, marine life is being destroyed.
    • Should we hire a marine surveyor to inspect the boat once it's returned to us?
    • Other applications have included beacons for emergency services vehicles and marine navigation lights.
    • Perhaps, appropriately, his Swedish girlfriend, Boel, is a marine biologist.
    • Beyond the increase in activity of the human kind, the dream of Scylla turning into an underwater haven for marine life looks to be turning to fruition.
    • He was a marine engineer, a world traveler, and it was from him that I acquired some of my wanderlust.
    • What the marine trades must develop, along with the schools, is an apprenticeship program.
    • We do expect to see representatives of marine equipment and services start to show more interest in this area very soon.
    • So, who is this marine surveyor, this person upon whom you are placing your trust?
    • Tom's marine biology degree shows in his concern for the environment.
    • The coursework for my degree in marine biology taught me that we know very little about the sea, especially the life in it.
    • It is important to note that most marine companies are dedicated to building safe and reliable products.
    • He left school at 16 with no qualifications and began his career as a marine engineer, at one time working on the Isle of Wight.
    • It also damages plants and animals, including the plankton that sustains the marine food chain.
    • Instead, they use sea minerals extracted from marine plants to reduce dimpling and improve skin tone.
    • If we have to upgrade some of our technology to allow text messaging on marine radio, then let's make it so.
    • Plants also feed the marine life and animals the carnivores among us eat.
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    (insurance/accident) marítimo