Traducción de mariner en Español:


navegante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛrənər//ˈmarɪnə/


arcaico, literario

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    navegante masculino literario
    • Within the structure is a current meter, which via a radio link will broadcast realtime current and tidal stream information to passing mariners.
    • The crew responded immediately, racing to the scene and recovering the four mariners with one of the ship's small boats.
    • I do not wish to try to pass myself off as an all-knowing mariner but I'd like to try to instill some focus on the recreational mariner's obligations.
    • The most famous was, of course, Christopher Columbus, a Genoese mariner sailing for Spain.
    • Our mutual respect is born of the natural ties between mariners and a long and illustrious shared history.
    • Comfort has 63 civilian mariners, 956 US Navy medical staff and 258 US Navy support staff.
    • Fortunately, a mariner qualified to command the finished vessel had been with the project from the start.
    • Since medieval times, mariners have employed dead reckoning to navigate their vessels.
    • A world War II wreck which is the final resting place of 690 British soldiers and sailors is to be moved to protect the lives of present day mariners.
    • The rescued mariners were landed at Culdrose, where they were checked by the medical team and given a good breakfast and a chance to rest.
    • The lake's edges are pockmarked by hundreds of steep, narrow coves that provide absolute privacy for the cruising mariner.
    • Two of the Navy's trio of offshore patrol ships were on hand to rescue stricken mariners in two incidents on the same day.
    • Perhaps these mariners were particularly skilled, sensitive to the marine environment, or just plain lucky.
    • Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker Bayleaf has rescued five stricken mariners - and set them on their way with an unexpected bonus.
    • Charts and cruising guides abound that give the mariner the information needed on every mile of the canal system.
    • In The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, the mariner shoots an albatross and all the wind goes out of his sails.
    • Some mariners, when they reach this point, choose to invest even more time and energy into their boat relationship to ensure its success.
    • A major government project intended to rescue mariners in the 21st century may be in some need of rescue itself.
    • Additionally well before any range activation, a notification will go in the papers as well as warnings to mariners and aircraft.
    • This ancient method of greeting between mariners is a form of salute, based upon making the ship vulnerable.