Traducción de market price en Español:

market price

precio de mercado, n.


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    precio de mercado masculino
    • Prior to the exercise date the warrant can be bought or sold on the market at the then market price.
    • They will explain to you why the market price of a commodity rises above or sinks below its value, but they can never account for the value itself.
    • We want to make sure they're contributing and their efforts are recoverable in our market price.
    • Other stock-based grants were valued using the market price on the date of grant.
    • More information means better decision making and a more accurate market price.
    • Currently foreign traders buy sugar based on the commodity's London market price.
    • This position is therefore misvalued, as it is not held at market price rather at theoretical price.
    • Why the huge gap between the monopoly patent protected price and the competitive market price?
    • Alternatively, internal transfers of coal could be made at cost price or at market price.
    • A monopolist can determine the market price for its product and can be described as a price maker rather than a price taker.
    • They're most valuable when the exercise price is well below the current market price.
    • No profit-maximizing firm would sell below the market price; to do so would mean needlessly giving up revenue.
    • Those profits are calculated from the difference between the current market price and original purchase price of those shares.
    • The exercise price will initially be set at the market price on the date of the option.
    • If the housing is to be private, how are they going to prevent the owners from selling at the market price?
    • On top of this, the market price of these commodities frequently drops below the cost of producing them.
    • In the past this strike price was usually much lower than the market price.
    • Those funds are good buys when their market price is at a discount to their net asset value.
    • Then the buyers viewed the birds and struck a price, always a market price.
    • They now have the chance to sell their shares at a 25% above the market price.