Traducción de market share en Español:

market share

cuota de mercado, n.


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    cuota de mercado femenino
    • They acquired assets to grow their market share and effectively overpaid for those acquisitions.
    • The banks are involved in a dogfight for market share and will push lending to the max if they have to.
    • It may be some time yet before it begins to make a dent in the market share of traditional media.
    • The market for this type of software is red hot as competing vendors try to grab market share.
    • The more market share that they have, the more influence they have over suppliers.
    • In the absence of any other data these figures could alternatively represent a changing market share.
    • Two important influences on profitability are likely to be market share and stage in the product life cycle.
    • It is the second largest producer of lime in Poland, with a market share of just under a third.
    • That is the situation where there is a market share of 50 per cent such as that found to exist in this case.
    • The new site certainly seems determined to live up to its English name by grabbing all the market share it can muster.
    • Does that not show how keenly you have to price your products in order to increase your market share?
    • They have a decent market share and are one of the major players in Japan, and I guess the world, of trucking.
    • The sooner they get it out, the quicker their market share will take off.
    • However, the brand has steadied and increased its market share over the past two years.
    • It has turned to improved service and a thriving rental business to hold its market share.
    • There will be more pain ahead for the company and it may need to sacrifice more margins if it wants to continue to grow its market share.
    • Once there are four operators in the market, market share will become less important.
    • They had an obvious problem: how to position both products to maximize overall market share.
    • Only the companies with the best security systems will grab a big market share.
    • The company is also increasing its market share and working on bigger margins.