Traducción de market value en Español:

market value

valor en el mercado, n.


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    valor en el mercado masculino
    • Revenue does not accept that the prohibition on the sale of shares affects the market value of the shares.
    • The payment is equal to the market value, which is lower than the income tax payable on the share option gain.
    • The index is derived by dividing the market value of the firm by the annual salary of the chief executive.
    • The maximum amount we will pay will be the market value of your car but not exceeding your estimate of value shown in our records.
    • He may then be stuck for cash in his retirement and forced to sell at below market value to realise some cash quickly.
    • Many people have seen the market value of their homes double in the past five years.
    • A father-of-two who lives opposite the shop said that he would sell up now if he received the market value for his home.
    • Both sections of capital claim a share of surplus value according to their market value.
    • Its market value is at any rate likely to hold up since the bank is still seen as an attractive takeover target.
    • When insuring your house, should you insure the building for its market value or its rebuild cost?
    • The deceased's assets pass to his beneficiaries at their market value on the date of death.
    • The shares were set at the existing market value and employees signed up for four years.
    • When you come to sell, you will get your share of the full market value of the property.
    • Which of course includes a royalty based on a percentage of the market value of the innovation.
    • I accept that the invoiced amount represents the fair market value of the goods sold.
    • The increase in the leverage ratio in Canada may be more muted when analyzing the market value of debt.
    • Any fruit not indigenous to your village will fetch a higher market value when sold.
    • This is not based on the actual market value of the property but on the value given for tax purposes.
    • The price of houses in the surrounding area can affect the market value of your home.
    • Any other method of calculating the market value might be too speculative.