Traducción de marriage settlement en Español:

marriage settlement


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    acuerdo prematrimonial en el que se estipula la cuantía de la dote
    • Rabbinic sources indicate the custom of dowering a daughter and of a marriage settlement to be paid by the husband to his wife if she was divorced or widowed.
    • There must also be laws about divorce and marriage settlements.
    • It is about settlement, either what it calls a voluntary settlement or a marriage settlement.
    • There is, in my judgment, no doubt that the court has power to rectify a settlement notwithstanding that it is a voluntary settlement and not the result of a bargain, such as an ante-nuptial marriage settlement.
    • One refers to a period of three months following a divorce, while the other refers to a dower or marriage settlement.
    • On marriage wives brought to their husbands total rights to their property and earnings, unless the wife's family had entered into a marriage settlement which limited what a husband might do with the wife's dowry.
    • Middle-class families needed capital and credit, and marriage had considerable importance in bringing in funds through dowries and marriage settlements, and giving access to credit networks.
    • Even at the beginning of the 1990s, such economic considerations remained a decisive factor in marriage settlements.
    • He was a generous man and her marriage settlement left her with an enormous income.
    • Women and men acquire property through inheritance, through marriage settlements and via public policies of redistribution.
    • The requirement was satisfied because the rogue solicitor held both the funds credited to his client account and those from his own marriage settlement, in a fiduciary capacity.
    • Meanwhile, the picture collection continued to grow by purchase, bequests, and marriage settlements.
    • This classification is limited to four types of contract: contracts to lease or purchase land; purchase of shares; partnerships; marriage settlements.
    • Her father gave her the very substantial gift of 107 acres of land in Old Stratford as a marriage settlement, while probably retaining a life interest.
    • The Baroness had agreed in a marriage settlement to renounce her claim on the trust.
    • The unmarried and widows often engaged in litigation related to marriage settlements, jointures, uses and trusts.
    • Unless she had the protection of a marriage settlement a wife could own no property; her debts were the responsibility of her husband and he had an absolute right to custody of their children.
    • This chamber handled an enormous amount of English legal business and dealt with contractual disputes over inheritance, land, debts, marriage settlements and other matters of ‘equity’.
    • We learn that they were seldom built from landed rents alone, but depended on the fruits of political office, speculation in government stock, marriage settlements, city finance and banking, the law, and colonial plantations.