Traducción de marsh en Español:


pantano, n.

Pronunciación /mɑːʃ//mɑrʃ/


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    pantano masculino
    (on coast) marisma femenino
    • The boundary between the mudflat and the retreating marsh is a unique environment.
    • North of the main park is a marsh, though the plants are new and haven't grown enough to be visible.
    • The Romans became practised at draining marshes to rid areas of malaria-carrying mosquitoes.
    • The distribution of plants in freshwater marshes is driven by competition, inundation and draw-down.
    • Yet too many of the bottom lands, swamps, and marshes that drew me back no longer exist.
    • They prefer life on the shores of deep, clear rivers, lakes, large marshes, and ocean bays.
    • Folk are few and far between amid these rounded hills, rocky ridges, peat bogs and marshes.
    • The wetlands, its seeps and its marshes are jealousy maintained and protected from all disturbance.
    • On the first day after the flood, two of the large creatures were found in a nearby marsh area and returned to the farm.
    • Explorer days are also an opportunity to find more about local habitats such as woodlands, bogs, coast and marshes.
    • Large parts of the marsh are now in use as a buffer area when food stock is temporarily depleted.
    • In the shallow marshes near the river grows a unique type of yellow water lily.
    • Farmers simply saw the marsh as unproductive land that could be used for grazing animals.
    • All around our coastline we have estuaries, docks, harbours, marshes and breakwaters.
    • The landscape of the national parks is endless stretches of salt water marshes rather than canyons or petrified forests.
    • It is a large fresh water lake associated with marshes on the flood plains of the river.
    • When the flood plains dry up cattle graze on the succulent marsh grass which grew while the plains were filled with water.
    • Living in freshwater marshes with areas of open water, they stalk fish, eels, frogs and insects.
    • Until late October the birds may be found on estuaries, flooded coastal marshes and farm reservoirs.
    • Our boat noses into the tidal marsh, and we spot nesting egrets and barking sea lions.