Traducción de masculine en Español:


masculino, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmaskjʊlɪn//ˈmæskjələn/


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    she's very masculine es muy masculina
    • Media reporting of the judgments was deeply depressing and suggested our newspapers, if not our divorce courts, are still driven by very masculine agendas.
    • These are very attractive and masculine qualities.
    • This 16th century bastioned city is unique in the feminine quality among the masculine citadels of Rajasthan.
    • This is in partial contrast to the previous emphasis on masculine qualities in the work force.
    • Metal frames are sturdier, giving you a more masculine appearance.
    • The outfit is complemented by a brightly coloured, alluringly masculine hat.
    • To that extent they become momentary warriors, taking on in the act some culturally masculine qualities.
    • We have seen on TV displays of miraculous masculine prowess.
    • Sure, my hair may have been tucked under my hat but even so, my features weren't completely masculine!
    • Thus, it appears that masculine identity is both shaped and reinforced by physical activity and sport involvement.
    • He was still pale and his skin was still smooth and soft like that of a woman's, but his features all together gave out a masculine appearance.
    • A fine figure of a man, he radiates masculine self-assurance, a quality that interested the Queen greatly.
    • One study found that masculine traits were associated with a greater variety of assumed issue competencies.
    • In this group, the female pelvis is very masculine in appearance and so forensic anthropology achieves a very low level of correct identification.
    • For too long the subject area has had a predominantly, if not exclusively, masculine appearance.
    • Actually, part of her success is that she combines traditionally masculine and feminine qualities in one package.
    • The truth of the matter is that these are masculine qualities as well.
    • For Poe, the masculine qualities are necessary for good criticism and, indeed, for good patriotism.
    • The piece consisted of a strong masculine quality through the incorporation of proud gestures and demonstration of great physical skill.
    • You have a lot of, if you don't mind me saying this, masculine qualities.
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    Lingüística Literatura
    (noun) masculino
    • It is unfortunate that the gender of the noun, being masculine, is confused with the intent of the word, which is neutral.
    • Anthropos and homo are both of masculine gender, but refer to people of both sexes.
    • Italian casa ‘house’ is a noun of feminine gender, giardino ‘garden’ is a noun of masculine gender.
    • It's the nominative masculine plural definite article.
    • Latin homo is a masculine noun that can mean a human being, a male person, or humanity in general.



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    masculino masculino
    • It will be observed that the masculine of the adjective is declined exactly like a masculine noun of the second declension, the feminine exactly like a feminine noun of the first declension, and the neuter exactly like a neuter noun of the second declension.
    • What is the masculine of a doe?
    • The Masculine of either the Adjective or the Participle is freely used in any Case and in any construction.
    • In dictionaries, adjectives are always given in the masculine singular and this may not be the form in which you need the adjective and you may have to change it.
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    (in) the masculine en masculino