Traducción de mason jar en Español:

mason jar

frasco de conservas, n.

(Mason jar)

Pronunciación /ˈmeɪsn ˌdʒɑr//ˈmeɪs(ə)n ˌdʒɑː/



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    frasco de conservas masculino
    • Orson Welles stuck a Mason jar inside a toilet bowl and made all of America believe the sound was an alien spacecraft opening during his terrifying ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast.
    • It came in the form of a Mason jar half-full of foamy sourdough starter.
    • Next to the stove was a butcher-block work counter covered with Mason jars filled with dried herbs, beans, and grains.
    • They say all you need, even nowadays, is a couple of barrels of mash, a few stones to set up an oven, copper piping, a perfume - maker's still and Mason jars.
    • Take along your favorite flea-market finds too: an old chair or two, chunky go-anywhere dishes, and reliable Mason jars.
    • It was a time when grown-ups made divinity in stifling hot kitchens and kids caught fireflies in Mason jars at dusk.
    • We caught butterflies in the patches of wildflowers, encased fireflies in Mason jars, and ran down horned frogs which we'd keep all summer and release before school started.
    • The chairs and tables are scattered and there's a fridge full of Mason jars of borscht the middle of the room.
    • He used to have some Mason jars that had money up on the shelf.
    • In the farthest corner, however, was an unlabeled Mason jar that Bob brought out, like a conjurer of many rabbits, marveling.
    • Stéphane and Caroline gave me a pretty cookie mix in a Mason jar, brought back from a recent trip to the US.
    • The Perfect Mason jar alone can be found in amber, brown amber, cornflower blue, dark yellow, straw yellow, olive green, olive amber and blackish olive.
    • These jars have a narrower sealing surface and are tempered less than Mason jars, and may be weakened by repeated contact with metal spoons or knives used in dispensing mayonnaise or salad dressing.
    • Beer is definitely at the top of the list all over the country, and ever-expanding wine lists and creative cocktails are also proving that barbeque drinking can be a more sophisticated affair than Mason jars filled with iced tea.
    • I myself have attempted to capture light inside a Mason jar so I could study it, but problems arose when I realized I didn't own any Mason jars.
    • She would carefully arrange my bouquet in a Mason jar, then fill it with fresh cool water from our deep well.