Traducción de masquerade en Español:


mascarada, n.

Pronunciación /ˌmɑːskəˈreɪd//ˌmaskəˈreɪd//ˌmæskəˈreɪd/


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    mascarada femenino
    farsa femenino
    • There are some journalists and war reporters who, despite years of experience, are very opinionated and whose masquerade of objectivity is easy to see through.
    • On the one hand, looking within from without causes her to adopt and discard various socially approved feminine masquerades whilst her ‘real’ self remains in hiding.
    • The mainly young protesters, many in their teens, defied the security forces' assaults and chanted slogans against the upcoming presidential elections, calling it a masquerade.
    • Now, though, unable to be true to himself, his painting too became a masquerade.
    • Someone call the Washington Times and alert them to this sly wolfish masquerade!
    • Subsequently, the duke joins in on the masquerade, play-acting the threat of sexual violence - a rehearsal for his actions later in the film.
    • I had to think of a way to end this masquerade, but a crowd had formed to watch and I didn't want to break up something that could be considered cool.
    • This belief makes each of the parties put up the masquerade up to the very end in the hope that once the prize is won, they would be able to jettison the other parties.
    • If only this was just a Shakespearean farce and we could snigger at the gross stupidity of the characters portrayed and their ridiculous masquerades, but shamefully it is real and we are obliged to see it through to the end.
    • Later in the novel, Clara performs a masquerade in reverse, pretending to be a governess while she is still working as a servant.
    • As masquerades start to unravel and tanks roll into town Charlotte is forced to decide whose safety matters most.
    • Everday life is almost solely composed of a series of ritualized masquerades.
    • But still, ever since I began this masquerade, I had tried to change everything.
    • It is unlikely we will soon return to a masquerade of can-can supported grandeur and today's parade music must bow to that reality-not the other way around.
    • Dr Watson was seldom in danger of seeing through any of these masquerades.
    • Some drawings are barely colored at all, others more fully, but one invariably feels that the artist is engaged in a masquerade of his own, pretending to be a child grown impatient with rules.
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    (masked ball)
    mascarada femenino
    baile de disfraces masculino
    baile de máscaras masculino
    • I can't believe that you managed to get him to escort you to this masquerade.
    • The best part was to be the New Year's eve masquerade.
    • It is a site devoted to this musical masquerade.
    • The cost is 1,000 yuan for dinner and masquerade, 500 yuan for masquerade only.
    • The masquerade starts after dinner from 9: 10 pm and will last into the early hours.

verbo intransitivo

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    to masquerade as sb hacerse pasar por algn
    • propaganda masquerading as factual information propaganda disfrazada de información objetiva
    • Don't tell me this is masquerading under the guise of some kind of tribute.
    • This is a fully fledged computer masquerading as a gaming gadget, and - as you can tell from the price - it is aimed not at children, but overgrown kids.
    • At one point as I was wading through gravy, gristle and fat that was masquerading as lamb cutlets, I thought I found a prime piece of meat.
    • We need to speak out against intolerance that masquerades as tolerance.
    • But the slogan of freedom masquerading as moral clarity is quite another.
    • All such hopes have turned to ashes as we now contemplate this sad, trouble-plagued, expensive tram system masquerading as a public service.
    • And because it masquerades as news, we naturally let our guard down, invoking a built in trust of that which is media establishment.
    • It has become a business masquerading as a sport.
    • In reality, this is a gorgeous dessert masquerading as health food.
    • One of e-mail's drawbacks is that it masquerades as communication when it is best used for informing, broadcasting, or scheduling.
    • A modern reproduction that masquerades as brass it may be, but still it is beautiful.
    • She ended up working for a business that masquerades as a charity.
    • It is just that, at this level, if you are serious about winning, you need to be ruthless when presented with anything vaguely masquerading as a chance.
    • I submit that it is only a game masquerading as an athletic event.
    • I popped into the new coffee shop I spoke of a few days back and was served with a highly mediocre cup of sludgy end-of-day coffee masquerading as an Americano.
    • Is it a personality flaw masquerading as a political philosophy?
    • The outbreak of a mass emailing worm, which masquerades as a matchmaking program, has been brought under control.
    • There I was, patiently reading through Chapter Thirty, when I reached something that was masquerading as the end.
    • Badly acted, written and directed, it is nothing more than a dirty movie masquerading as a character study.
    • The lesson is dishonest in that it masquerades as science while including misrepresentations and factual errors.