Traducción de mass-produce en Español:


fabricar en serie, v.

Pronunciación /masprəˈdjuːs//ˌmæsprəˈd(j)us/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (equipment/goods/furniture) fabricar en serie
    • The Center will develop tools and process to mass-produce devices aimed at fulfilling the promise of nanotechnology on a larger scale, a key component in advancing the technology.
    • Birmingham toolmakers expanded the market for mechanical gadgets by mass-producing them.
    • Both are mass-produced, which evidently overexerts the natural resources.
    • Having worked with ranges that were mass-produced, I am very keen to maintain the individual and personalised aspect to my work.
    • Very often it was the cheapest clothing available because it was mass-produced in such large quantities…
    • His dress is now set to be mass-produced and will be on sale by the summer.
    • Fuel cell vehicles, on the other hand, are on the verge of commercialization, with manufacturers keen on mass-producing them within five years.
    • One of the biggest challenges was finding a fast, cheap way of mass-producing the biopesticide.
    • They will try to identify trends at their inception in they hope that they can exploit it, mass-produce it, market it.
    • But theirs is a dying trade, because urban buyers go for cheaper, mass-produced stainless steel.
    • The answer, he said, was to mass-produce a cheaper version and capture a slice of the huge mid-priced guitar market.
    • Increasingly, domestic products were mass-produced and could be purchased readymade.
    • Then again, we should be proud of ourselves: no one does mass-produced fashion like we do.
    • The films feel like individual, hand-crafted objects rather than mass-produced items for the global market.
    • The automaker has found a way to mass-produce the car on a mixed model line, thus substantially reducing the investment needed to get started.
    • He declined because at the time he believed there was no manufacturer that could mass-produce colors to his exacting standards.
    • They cannot and will not compete with chains that mass-produce bread and cakes, resulting in poor flavour and no character.
    • Fabricated by the same processes that mass-produce silicon computer chips, the device has multiple possible uses.
    • Most of the technology has been available for decades, but is not being mass-produced.
    • While they built machines designed to mass-produce goods, the machinists did not use mass-production techniques themselves.
  • 2mass-produced past participle

    fabricado en serie