Traducción de massage en Español:


masajear, v.

Pronunciación /məˈsɑʒ//məˈsɑː(d)ʒ//ˈmasɑː(d)ʒ//məˈsɑdʒ/

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    she massaged his neck le masajeó la nuca
    • She closed her eyes and carefully massaged her painfully hard stomach.
    • It massages the abdominal muscles, alleviating digestive disorders.
    • This involved sitting in a heated seawater bath while jets massaged her body from top to toe.
    • You step into the specially designed bath and hundreds of revolving jets or water from nozzles massages the entire body from the feet to the neck.
    • Once all were in place, the therapist used other hot stones to massage me all over.
    • This treatment involves basking in a warm bath while more than 100 jets massage your body.
    • I had a quick shower, and was then back on the table to be covered with piping-hot towels then pummelled, kneaded and massaged all over.
    • He started to massage my body and I felt my tension draining away as I started to drift off.
    • The sessions are aimed at teaching parents how to massage their babies and share in the magic of loving touch.
    • Spend at least 5-10 minutes massaging the entire body and then relax for 5 minutes.
    • You'll enjoy the feeling of gently massaging your baby, but miss out her spine and avoid nut-based oils such as almond oil.
    • The fingers that were upon my shoulder blades were massaging me at a hard, but gentle pace.
    • Then massage the entire body, applying even pressure with the whole hand - palm and fingers.
    • She was brought back to reality when the kind hands stopped massaging her.
    • Some massage therapists use oils or lotions to reduce friction while massaging your body.
    • He revelled in the exquisite pleasure of the warm spray massaging his body.
    • Be very careful when massaging anyone with special medical or health issues.
    • No oils or lotions are used and the session usually lasts about 20 minutes as only the upper body is massaged.
    • The duration of each treatment also varies according to the amount of body surface to be massaged.
    • Your entire body may be massaged and your limbs may be stretched and gently shaken.
  • 2Britanico

    (statistics/date) manipular
    • Company bosses have felt under pressure to massage figures for ever more spectacular results.
    • Market research is all about manipulation - massaging figures to meet your own ends.
    • Many companies massage their bottom line earnings per share figures following acquisitions.
    • It massages its figures by claiming that the organization has rehabilitated 1,000 schools.
    • I am worried though that his rebuttal after the fact contains some massaging, for fear of the ensuing explosion.
    • Jones, who massaged facts and refused to face questions, dodged responsibility to the last.
    • He said civil servants would have spotted any attempt to try to massage or rig that result.
    • Naturally one has to stop short of suggesting that the BBC's figures have been massaged.
    • One suspects that at least some of the reason is that the unemployment figures are thereby massaged.
    • Firms massaged their profit figures upwards so as to discourage hostile takeover bids.
    • I mean, how many people know that examinations have never been an exact science, and that results have always been massaged and fiddled to fit?
    • The company wouldn't be attempting to massage its figures by including third-party shipments would it?
    • In order to massage the statistics the definition of extremist criminal offences was changed.
    • Coming back to the bill itself, I find that the figures have been massaged.
    • Crime figures, like any statistics, can be massaged to suit any occasion.
    • Instead of spending money on youth centres, welfare and social services, they have cut state expenditure and massaged the figures.
    • Did you misread it, or have they been massaging the record after the fact?
    • The two members take the view that this is all much of a variation on massaging figures and not so serious as to warrant dismissal.
    • Senior managers had deliberately massaged the figures in order to meet targets.
    • Similar structures had been created to massage accounting numbers and inflate profits.


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    masaje masculino
    to give sb a massage darle un masaje a algn
    • a shoulder/foot massage un masaje en los hombros/en los pies
    • before noun massage parlor / (British) parlour salón de relax
    • She offers aromatherapy massages to ease tension and back pain, and manicures, pedicures, arm and foot massages to improve joint mobility.
    • A full body or facial massage is the perfect way to top off your home-spa experience.
    • You could learn massage to ease pain, for example, and support your partner in the different positions she may want to use during labour.
    • All types of massage can have an effect on the skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymph, nerves and some of the internal organs.
    • The massage also gave my body a chance to rebalance itself, and the light-headedness had gone by the end.
    • The gate control theory of pain also has been used to explain the effectiveness of massage in pain control.
    • Sessions with a massage therapist eased the tension and Rhona began to think that there was some hope of recovery.
    • I had a Japanese shiatsu massage in a pagoda scattered with frangipani petals, as the sea rolled onto the beach under my head.
    • They will return to the spa for a back tension massage followed by a luxury facial.
    • Oils are generally applied by the aromatherapist by means of a full body massage.
    • This plant will keep insects away when used in oil burners and in massage will relieve muscle tension.
    • The treatment involves a complete exfoliation, including the face, followed by a shower and a body and face massage.
    • The types of massage differ in the hand strokes used on your body and the pressure applied with each stroke.
    • He developed an interest in massage and body work and observed football trainers and others involved with sports.
    • You get a full body massage and exfoliation, so your skin feels like silk and you know there aren't going to be any areas you've missed.
    • The massage of muscle movement will stimulate the flow of stagnant blood in your leg veins.
    • Regular massage encourages circulation, and helps relax both body and mind.
    • The most common conditions that require just remedial massage are shoulder pain and stiff necks.
    • The massage systems also reduce shoulder tension caused by prolonged sitting and cervical pain.
    • I'm not sure that massage would actually relieve the pain, but it would certainly make me feel better!