Traducción de massive en Español:


sólido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmasɪv//ˈmæsɪv/


  • 1

    (wall/façade) sólido
    (wall/façade) macizo
    (task/increase/support) enorme
    (support/task/increase) grande
    (heart attack/overdose) masivo
    • Heating pipes ran under the house - massive things lagged with heavy brown felt.
    • The tiger stands towering at what looks like close to seven feet, and he's heavy and massive to boot.
    • And yet it is one of the most exceptional and intricate and massive buildings I have ever seen.
    • She died the following February from a massive heart attack.
    • She had suffered a massive heart attack 15 months earlier and was told she needed a full valve replacement.
    • Those are patients with suspected heart attacks, massive bleeding, and serious head injuries.
    • John Peel has died suddenly of a massive heart attack.
    • There was a scraping noise, as of something massive and heavy being dragged.
    • They were farouche, romantic characters riding arrogantly through the gardens on their massive elephants.
    • Sadly, that was no use to my beloved mother who died recently - in Scotland - from a massive heart attack, while on a waiting list for heart surgery.
    • One man was taken seriously ill after suffering a massive asthma attack following building work at flats.
    • It's being reported that death was due to a massive heart attack.
    • Dad died of a massive heart attack at the age of 41.
    • He suffered a massive heart attack and underwent triple bypass surgery in 1990.
    • The massive ramparts of the Citadel overlook the whole city.
    • Beyond this roadside specimen is yet another grove of massive giants that takes my breath away.
    • The ground shook and trembled, splitting apart, then ramming back together, forming massive mountains.
    • Even though the chapel is a massive stone block structure, it has remained firm since its construction.
    • He died after suffering from a massive heart attack.
    • She said a post-mortem examination revealed he had suffered ‘a massive heart attack’ caused by a heart abnormality.
    • It has a heavy skull and a massive neck, and it is also by far the shortest-legged and least cursorial canid.
    • A lot of people, especially women, don't have any symptoms at all before they have a massive heart attack.
    • Then, like a magic trick, you see its massive ramparts and golden sandstone towers, exotic and beautiful.
    • In medieval Veliko Turnovo, royalty and high nobility lived in relative safety behind the massive ramparts of Tsarevets Hill.
    • A 37-year-old woman has been given a second chance by a revolutionary new drug which saved her life following a massive heart attack.
    • The royal tombs are layered pyramidal structures built of massive stone slabs.
    • Marble and other massive pieces too heavy to cart away were among chief pieces left in the galleries.
    • When required, a massive sliding door of solid oak protects the privacy of the bedroom.
    • He had a massive heart attack seven years ago and doctors discovered he had the condition anti-phospho-lipid, a form of sticky blood.
    • At last he allowed himself to go forward and lay both hands lovingly on solid, massive, unmovable machining.
    • While driving his taxi looking for customers, he suddenly suffered a massive heart attack.
    • Two years ago she had a massive heart attack, leaving her face partially paralyzed for months.
    • Later, he succumbed to a massive heart attack, his family members said.
    • Iron Age hillfort has three circuits of massive ramparts.
    • The heavy and massive furniture seems doomed to remain anchored to its designated space.
    • The group approached a massive stone structure at the front of the chamber that stood almost twelve feet tall.
    • And he went to the gym the very next day and dropped dead of a massive heart attack.
    • Our married life was too short - in March of 1983 my dear husband passed away of a massive heart attack.
    • About an hour after dinner pop suffered a massive heart attack.
    • Some of the cars had been crushed to the size of a chair simply because of the massive weight and unstoppable momentum of heavy lorries from behind.