Traducción de master en Español:


señor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɑːstə//ˈmæstər/


  • 1

    (of household) señor masculino
    (of household) amo masculino
    (of animal) amo masculino
    (of animal) dueño masculino
    (of servant) amo masculino
    (of servant) patrón masculino
    I will be master in my own house! ¡en esta casa mando yo!
    • to be master of the situation/of one's destiny ser dueño de la situación/de su (or mi etc.) destino
    • The owners are not masters, but companions, say the volunteers.
    • It swam round the boat until its master, leaning over the bow, caught the animal by its short stump of a tail.
    • Remember also that the Guide Dog is a highly trained animal and will only heed the voice of his master.
    • In these stories, the horse accompanies his master through all kinds of hardships and danger.
    • The horse walked to his master, and Haiden mounted it the best he could without his vision.
    • Even the animals knew their masters were excited, and were thus excited themselves.
    • Towns were also visited by plantation slaves, on their masters ' business or coming to sell the few vegetables and fruits they had managed to produce for market.
    • He was the independent master of a peasant household, whose position was protected by the king's law.
    • The animals on the farm revolt against their master, Jones.
    • A little more leaning around the tree and I saw two white horses, grazing while their masters were still preoccupied.
    • They also went a good distance away from the horse and its master.
    • In all hunting cultures there is an owner; sometimes a master, but more often a mistress of the beasts.
    • The young people looked at all the animals flying away, at the dogs that bit their masters and were surprised at their pet's behavior.
    • The horse turned his head, regarding his master with confused eyes.
    • The third type of government in the household is that of the lord over his slaves and the master over his servants…
    • The head of the household was a master to whom all other members had to submit in exchange for his protection.
    • He is a father, a master of household, a countryman, and hence a consummate member of a community.
    • The old law of master and servant saw the master as the head of the family.
    • They had slowed down a bit a while back, the horse perhaps sensing its master's grip was not as tight, or that he was not as attentive as usual.
    • In fact, young men needed willing women to assist them in assuming the status of household masters.
    • With one crack of his whip into the air, the horses followed their master's command and began their foot cadence once again.
    • By 1640 the social structure of the island consisted of masters, servants, and slaves.
    • His master got on after him, gave the horse a gentle kick, and she trotted towards the path leading out of the village.
    • Buying them back from the master is disastrous, as it encourages the master to keep more slaves.
    • He asked me what my business was and I told him I had a letter of introduction for the master of the household.
    • I glared at her, the glare a maddened trapped animal gives its master.
    • But wild animals have been known to turn on their masters and well-intentioned defenders.
    • A white horse taking to the air, with his master astride it and the groom hanging on to the tail, represents renunciation.
    • The forest was still and quiet; the horses watched their masters placidly.
    • The men were getting closer, and the poor horse couldn't carry her master.
  • 2master of

    maestro de masculino
    maestra de femenino
    experto en masculino
    experta en femenino
    to be a past master of sth ser un maestro consumado en algo
    • When he wants to be, he is a master of the macabre and a skilled technician of suspense.
    • It really is like camping out under the stars, said the master of the ancient craft.
    • Yet Maugham was one of the great masters of clever narrative and construction, with a surprising range when it came to characters.
    • It attracted some of the most learned, and sometimes also the most arrogant scholars of doctrine and masters of ritual practice.
    • He may be 40 this year, but he's also a master of disguise, an expert in the art of disappearing without trace.
    • He was a diligent preparation type of coach who really was a master of the practice.
    • The Professor is a natural master at explaining, with great clarity, highly complex issues without losing the viewer.
    • The FBI agent is tough, smart, and a master of disguise.
    • Strength, compassion, honor and skill elevate the practitioner to the master.
    • He above all is a master of narrative, and these speeded-up interventions lend the tale an irregular pulse.
    • It was indeed the activity of the geniuses, of the masters of their craft, that made the rules.
    • I am far from a master, but given some of my natural abilities, I quickly rose through my apprenticeship.
    • He was a master of disguise who used walnut juice to change the colour of his skin and would contort his face to avoid recognition.
    • He is a master of disguise and concealment.
    • I feel sure that the new generation of practitioners has no less talent than that of the great masters of the past.
    • The boy was a master of disguise; I could never see him until he was standing beside me, talking to me.
    • Both have great natural charisma and both are masters at telling a story in the ring.
    • Which brings us back to the new album, in which the master of disguise exposes his true self at last.
    • The play is a thriller about the talented Mr Tom Ripley who is a master of deceit and disguise.
    • A knight should be skilled in all weapons but a master in at least two.
  • 3

    • 3.1(degree)

      master's título de master masculino
      • master's degree master
      • Master of Arts/Science poseedor de una maestría en Humanidades/Ciencias
      • The instructor was a registered nurse who had master's degree preparation.
      • She holds bachelor's and master's degrees in piano performance and pedagogy.
      • He received his bachelor's degree, master's degree and Ph.D. from Stanford University.
      • Both men are currently pursuing master's degrees in preparation for future careers outside the church.
      • He holds double bachelors and master's degrees and has an extensive background of teaching and publishing.
      • He is a graduate of UH with master's degrees in Pacific Studies and History.
      • He spent six years at the university before graduating with a master's degree in physics.
      • I attended Oxford, and graduated with a master's degree in liberal arts.
      • The number of researchers has doubled, and a larger proportion now have master's degrees and doctorates.
      • Although she desired a good job, Lin knew that she was not as competent as graduates with bachelor's and master's degrees.
      • My department offers bachelor's and master's degrees but not a doctorate.
      • Most of them possessed master's degrees, and a few had earned their doctorates.
      • He has a law degree and a master's degree in classical studies from Columbia University.
      • You will need more than a bachelor's, master's or Ph.D. degree to be successful in the new millennium.
      • Higher education is defined as involving programs that award bachelor's, master's or doctorate degrees.
      • So he became a full-time student to get a master's degree in finance.
      • After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering, he took a masters degree and doctorate in engineering in Canada.
      • At the early age of fourteen he graduated with the degree of master of law.
      • Some had master's and doctorate degrees, and some were Party members.
      • Graduate study typically refers to programs that award master's or doctorate degrees.

    • 3.2British (teacher)

      (in secondary school) profesor masculino
      (in primary school) maestro masculino
      • Le Carré first met Green when the latter was chaplain and assistant master at Sherborne School, Dorset.
      • There was famously, possibly apocryphally, a public school classics master who took early retirement to go and become a Masai wife.
      • From 1857 until 1865 he was mathematics master at Harrow School.
      • He noted that in most schools the art master was often not given much importance.
      • Look at him, walking around like he's the day master at a boarding school.
      • When he protested his innocence, his schoolmates sided with the master.
      • He is the school's third master, a housemaster and its head of Christian Theology.
      • He heard some of the teachers and the academy master sorting through names.
      • To earn a living he became the art master in a school for young ladies in Liverpool.
      • The master rattled off numbers at speed to be added, multiplied, etc and at the end hands shot up.
      • He played the role throughout the series but his fellow pupils and the masters of Greyfriars School were portrayed by different actors during the show's long run.
      • Gone are the days when schools had masters, who commanded respect be it in the classroom or on the playing fields.
      • All the cricketing vices for which prep school masters rebuke their charges were there.
      • The master of the public school said he was unable to make any further comment.
      • The games master would insist on everyone rattling along the floor, pounding on the springboard and doing amazing acrobatics above the large wooden horse.
      • Although he was a languages teacher, he was originally taken on at the school as a PE master.
      • In 1884 he went to Lancing College as a sixth-form master, developing an interest in Roman epigraphy in his leisure.
      • At high school he was lucky to have a great hockey enthusiast as his school master.
      • Then from 1874 to 1892 he was mathematics and science master at Glasgow High School.

    • 3.3(of college)

      director masculino
      directora femenino
      • First there was a general interview at which the candidates were grilled by the master, dean, senior tutor, and fellows of the subject.
      • He held the regius chair of Greek at Oxford for nearly 40 years and was master of Balliol College for more than 20 years.
      • The rogue gave the master of the college as referee, but in view of his story, the bank opened the account and collected the cheque without making enquiries.
      • The essays have to be attested by the class teacher or the head masters of the respective school.

  • 4

    capitán masculino
    • Long ago masters of ships found it comforting to find such beacons of light in the darkness.
    • First, you are a ship's master called upon to rescue some 430 people in the Indian Ocean.
    • The term used here refers to the command of a ship's master to his men, or a military officer to his soldiers.
    • What the plaintiffs did then was to sue the purchasers of the indigo, which had been sold by the master of the ship, for the balance.
    • The master of the ship was in command at the time of the incident.
    • A mariner emerges from the hatchway and climbs the rigging, while below the boatswain and ship's master are thrown about on deck.
    • Heather, who will work with three crew, qualified as a ship's master in 1979.
    • A large island was named Thistle's Island, after the ship's master and one of the eight drowned.
    • The assured, if not present, would receive notice of the disaster from his agent, the master of the ship.
    • Your Honour, there were two parties prosecuted in each case, the master of the ship and the owner of the ship.
    • When the passage was half over, I observed the ship's master in tears arguing with his men, which made me very uneasy.
    • The master of the ship gives him a look of reproach, but says nothing.
    • Safety used to be a matter for the ship's master but he now has a computer programme in his office to alert him whenever a scheduled safety inspection is due on any of his boats.
    • As dawn broke, with the master's consent, sailors from the ship boarded the vessel.
    • The boatswain and master of the ship appear to say that it has been magically repaired and that the crew is safe.
    • During the trip, Jones unexpectedly became the ship's master when its captain and first mate died suddenly.
    • He was now the master of three ships and employed over two-dozen individuals.
    • Three crew members, including the ship's master, are being questioned, according to a government statement.
    • They were able to swim down and then out of the hull to join eight other tourists and the yacht's master on the deck linking the hulls of the upturned craft.
    • The ship's master, observing this, remarked, ‘I would give a hundred guineas for the faith of that child’.
  • 5Master

    • 5.1Historia
      (as form of address used by servants)

      el señor
      (to younger man) señorito
      you called, master? ¿llamaba el señor?
      • Young Master John, please to understand it is not wise to disrespect and interrupt your elders if you wish to benefit from their knowledge and wisdom.
      • But I'd look between the benches at young master Charles on the playing field and think, that's where I should be.
      • Bronte depicts young Master John Reed as virtually a paradigm of the Victorian bad boy, wallowing in gluttony, sadism, and a host of other deadly sins.
      • Master Charles readily assented to his mother's proposal, and proceeded at once to the smoke-house to let Maria out.

    • 5.2(on letters to young boys)


  • 6

    • 6.1Informática
      (controlling device)

      terminal maestro masculino
      • The final step is to transfer from the MiniDV master tape to VHS using the camcorder's phono outputs.
      • They also want to own your master recordings and copyrights forever.
      • The videos all look fairly good, as if derived from the original masters.
      • The master and slave devices are connected by a single address bus, a write data bus and a read data bus.
      • I do not fault BFS Video for this, as the aforementioned problems seem to stem from the original master.
      • All the episodes are taken from original video masters, and now and then you notice some video noise or interference from their age.
      • The quality is also poor because the transfer was taken from a tape master rather than the original 35 mm print.
      • The Sydney-based production company was willing to dub episodes from the masters, but only at a prohibitive cost.
      • But the NFB gave me the opportunity to make new masters of all of my films, so I went in with a colourist to make them visually perfect.
      • Make sure to send the master because making a copy lowers the video quality so much that a company will automatically reject it.
      • The transfers are as good as they can be, given the state of the video master tapes these were culled from.
      • The main advantage of the cluster is that the computation power depends on the number of computers one adds to the master machine.
      • The final activities prior to pressing the master disc were completed during this phase.
      • She admits that she has misplaced the masters of some of her earliest films and welcomes the new requirement.
      • Carrying sufficient spatial resolution and bit depth in the digital master to meet foreseeable uses comes at some cost.
      • Much less, don't be offended if they take the master tapes home and record over them.
      • The soundtrack master seems to have been in good shape, as there is little trace of any kind of background distortions or hiss.
      • Most of their tapes are masters from Japan so you get the best audio and video quality.
      • One device acts as a master and the devices connected to it act as slaves.
      • Whenever a machine becomes master, it takes over the virtual server address and continues with its original.

    • 6.2Informática Audio Imprenta
      (for copies)

      original masculino

  • 7also master card

    tarjeta maestra femenino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (fear/impulse) dominar
    (difficulty) vencer
    • Soldiers need to be sensitized to the effects of fear and have tools to master their fears.
    • Even people outside of these niches would have something to gain by mastering this device.
    • He'd insisted that the best way to master one's fears was to confront them.
    • At the same time, she says that mastering anxiety and fear by going through with the thing you're afraid of is a very powerful part of the thrill.
    • How he completed those missions, and mastered his fear, is the story he has set out to tell.
    • But he was mastered by his fears and Lee's relentless aggressiveness, and his promising campaign came to nothing.
    • Jack and Mike laughed out loud at his reaction, watched as he unsuccessfully tried to master his fear and loathing.
    • Not only did they master the elements but they showed some beautiful ball control in the process.
    • I sighed heavily, relived that he was not ill, but now trying to master a new fear.
    • The majority of Asian cultures regard man as part of nature and believe that man should not try to overcome or master nature but should learn to adapt to it harmoniously.
    • Humans then have a God given right to control and master nature.
    • You get a special hug if you guess who masters his fears and helps solve the puzzle.
    • I still don't like doing it and have to psych myself up to it but I am starting to master the fear.
    • I managed to master the impulse as I watched my drama friends do awesome in the first half of the first act.
    • Personality explores what it is that makes us who we are and uncovers the universal battle to master our emotions and control our behaviour.
    • In a sense, change is a sacred event that can be welcomed by the therapist, but not mastered or controlled.
    • The good news is that once you master your emotions, you can gain an edge.
    • This is an integral part of the perspective to overcome class antagonisms and enable the working class to master society.
    • I'm not sure if you'll find an easy answer: mastering control of your dreams enough to wake up at will may be a skill that takes a while to learn.
    • She threw her hands up in joy when she managed to master it.
  • 2

    (subject/technique) llegar a dominar
    • There's always a new skill to be mastered or a new technique to be learned.
    • No other society has mastered this art as well as we have.
    • The level of skill and courage needed to master the dangerous art of skateboarding at its highest level is truly awesome.
    • He was a wonderful architect and builder of fiction, who had mastered the art of the novel through years of sustained writing.
    • His technique of completely mastering a topic before drawing it allowed for this high level of demonstrative skill.
    • A 15-year-old girl would be tattooed on the cheeks when she had mastered the art of weaving.
    • It was a time when creating a role meant believing in the art rather than simply mastering the technique.
    • Some of them possess the skills of astute politicians, and others have mastered the art of the political game.
    • Everyone's goal is to learn and master this martial art as far as possible.
    • Without mastering the basic techniques before adding new ones, it's impossible to really practise well.
    • Alex can ride the unicycle, lie on a bed of nails, spin plates, juggle, deliver gags and is now mastering the art of puppetry.
    • As with most photographic techniques, mastering the technique is the easy part.
    • Since there is so much to learn, they often feel it is a waste of time to master any one subject or skill.
    • Treatment strategies for asthma include daily self-management that relies on acquiring and mastering specific knowledge and skills.
    • Artists and craftsmen learn and master the techniques of their craft and pass on the traditions to their sons and daughters.
    • A student must pass 10 levels of the training programme to master the art.
    • He studied his opponents, learned their moves and dedicated himself to mastering the techniques necessary to stop them.
    • Besides exercising, you need to learn to master the art of relaxing mentally and not worry about everything around you.
    • The people that dwelled here 8,000 years ago had learned to irrigate the land by means of canals and ditches, and had mastered the arts of agriculture.
    • For instance, a career in classical music is available to only a few privileged individuals; most people do not have the leisure to devote their lives to mastering the musical arts.


  • 1

    master baker/builder maestro panadero/de obras masculino
    • We have neglected vocational training, which can be given only in the workplace by experienced master craftsmen.
    • Our country has the pride of having master craftsmen who carve out exquisite products with their deft hands.
    • I can't think of a finer person to have taught me the sport-he was a master technician who had a real knack for dealing with kids.
    • In this way, the book is only practical for the master carpenter but perhaps not the apprentice.
    • You don't need to be a master carpenter, but some basic skills and basic tools are necessary.
  • 2

    (main, principal)
    (switch/key) maestro
    • I scored the first victory of the weekend by claiming the master bedroom - a sumptuous affair with a bay window and a lovely view of the river.
    • There is also room for eight guests in the four ensuite cabins, including a master stateroom and VIP bedroom.
    • The master bedroom is ensuite and has a walk-in wardrobe with shelves.
    • There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spa-like master suite with a steam shower.
    • I've added this season's performances to my master list of my 50 favorite performances.
    • The master bathroom alone was larger than some apartments I've lived in.
    • A circular whirlpool tub takes spotlight in the splendid master bathroom, facing the huge walk-in shower.
    • Straight ahead is the master bath, which separates the master bedroom on the left and the guest room/study on the right.
    • On the first floor there is a master bedroom with en-suite shower room and balcony, and a second bedroom/study.
    • The master brake cylinder is now made of aluminum - better overall quality.
  • 3

    the master race la raza superior
  • 4

    (tape) original
    (tape) matriz
    master copy original masculino
    • master disk disco maestro
    • master file fichero maestro
    • master spy jefe de espías