Traducción de master of ceremonies en Español:

master of ceremonies

maestro de ceremonias, n.


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    (at formal ceremonies)
    maestro de ceremonias masculino
    maestra de ceremonias femenino
    • The master of ceremonies introduced the program and was also a performer or musician in the show.
    • And after what seemed like an eternity, the master of ceremonies finally emerged to announce him as the next performer.
    • During the latest bachelor party, a man in an ape suit served as master of ceremonies as guests were required to answer a series of riddles.
    • The master of ceremonies interrupted the speaker to remind the audience not to repeat questions that had already been asked.
    • One story tells of a committee that did this, telling the master of ceremonies to warn speakers that if they went past the allotted time, they would be mowed down with a sharp bang of the gavel.
    • She has been the master of ceremonies for 55 events.
    • Spliced between performances were the results of the raffle, chosen by little helpers who pulled names out of brown paper bags for the master of ceremonies to announce.
    • The master of ceremonies should announce the national anthem and instruct participants to stand.
    • And because there was no official programme, the master of ceremonies started asking any musician in the house to step forward and sing, including those who were evidently inebriated.
    • The expert master of ceremonies presided over this sale where he encouraged brisk purchasing.
    • Friday's event will also have the radio jockey as the master of ceremonies.
    • Everyone was kept in high spirits throughout the night by the master of ceremonies who entertained everybody with his unique blend of comedy and wit.
    • As in other fields, the age limit of compères, master of ceremonies and television anchors is coming down in Kerala.
    • Micheal will be master of ceremonies for the night along with guest speakers.
    • To add spice to the event, well-known TV personalities were introduced as the masters of ceremonies.
    • The optimistic master of ceremonies at the maypole dance calls on the legions of Swedes and a smattering of drenched, bemused tourists, to encircle the 50 ft-tall trunk of decorated beech.
    • Also, inform the master of ceremonies how you would like to be introduced: Mr. and Mrs. Smith or John and Jane Doe.
    • Ned, who performed the role of master of ceremonies at the centre's launch night, said the centre has given him a lot more confidence and its literacy course has particularly improved his reading and writing skills.
    • For example military bands were introduced and so forth, and the master of ceremonies was brought in to lead the crowd in community singing, just to give them something to do before the kick-off.
    • It is a good idea to have someone acting as master of ceremonies and introducing speakers.
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    Televisión Teatro
    presentador masculino
    presentadora femenino
    animador masculino
    animadora femenino