Traducción de Master of the Rolls en Español:

Master of the Rolls



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    (in UK)
    el juez superior de la Cámara de los Lores
    • The Master of the Rolls then went on to indicate that the remedy there was the right of judicial review to this court to compel the Secretary of State, if he had erred, to accept that it was indeed a fresh claim.
    • This court, presided over by the Master of the Rolls, held that in this sense Article 8 rights are not exportable.
    • The Master of the Rolls then went on to deal with cases where a criminal penalty had been imposed, not relevant to this case.
    • The Master of the Rolls took the objective view in his wide statement of principle.
    • The events of the next year are covered in some detail, and subsequent events in rather less detail, in the judgment now under appeal and in the judgment of the Master of the Rolls in the other appeal.